Friday, July 26, 2013

Channel Update: July 2013

Here is the July 2013 Channel Update Video:

It covers a few things:

-Skylanders Swap Force Leaked Characters
--Where the video (and blog post) went and why

-Skylanders Giants Half Off Sale
--I ordered an extra Swarm, Eye-Brawl, and Thumpback to showcase their other paths

-Skylanders Giants Upgrade Paths
--Recorded Polar Whirlwind's Intro AND Upgrade Path
--Recorded S2 Drobot's Introduction
--Currently Recording Earth Element Upgrade Paths...Fire to come next

**While recording S2 Prism Break's Prismancer Upgrade Path last night, I was struck by lightning!  Not myself peresonally, but the house...and the TV...and the Wii...and the computer.  Luckily, nothing was damaged.  Sadly, I lost ALL OF THE RECORDING :(  Prism Break is fully upgraded after restarting, so I can't really redo the upgrade end of the video.  That said, I will walk you through the Upgrade Path, show the moves on the ship, and then take him through some Heroics to showcase it.  Ironically enough,  I was in Lightning Rod's when the power went out due to the lightning strike!**

-Beyblade Shogun Steel: Bought a few and hope to unbox them soon!  They look pretty cool!

-Minecraft: Nephew and I are still playing...alternating between creative coop in Survival Mode, and War.  I'll record and upoad as possible.

-New Polls: SSA vs Giants, Which Game Do You Like Better?

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