Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Skylanders Swap Force E3 2013: Inside the Booth Highlights

This video is a compilation of the highlights from inside the official Activision Skylanders Swap Force Booth.

It is a collection of character shots, looks at the intro screens, and discussion with developers and staffers revealing cool information.

The intro covers things VERY well, subsequently it is quite long...So, I have provided the Time Chart to help you skip to where you want to be in the video:

Pre-Intro: Start - 2:52
Introduction 2:52 - 13:52
Activision Screen: 13:53 - 14:52
Swap Force Booth Wii U Character Intro Screens: 14:53 - 18:37
Quick Look at Characters: 18:38 - 21:30
Discussion with Karthik, CEO of Vicarious Visions: 21:31 - 26:44
Skimming for Characters: 26:45 - 29:17
Conclusion: 29:18 - 37:52

Hopefully you enjoy the video and first hand look.  E3 was an awesome experience and a great time...

The lighting and background commotion conspire to make clear shots a little tough to come by, but you get the feel for everything...I have a few still images I'll get up on the blog (or maybe even a video) soon...


  1. I cant watch the vis it says it's private

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    1. Haha, yep...I am cranking a lot of vids out tonight and I keep them private when I do that in order to get the blog links and descriptions typed up etc...Those that check the blog regularly get a first look at what is coming...

      The vid is live, I'll make it "public" here when I get these last 2 for the night uploaded (5 AM here).

  2. 1ofWiisdom, I have been leveling up Swarm (my favorite Giant) with the Swarm form path, I know you said that the Barbarous Avenger path was good, but my Swarm is already at level 13 and earned the bronze hat. Should I reset Swarm and switch paths?

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    1. No. If he is your favorite Giant I would suggest picking up a 2nd figure and taking it down the other path. I honestly think Swarm's Paths are very close...I still plan to get a 2nd Swarm for Swarm Form.


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