Saturday, July 20, 2013

Skylanders Monopoly Unboxing and Review

What?  Monopoly: Skylanders by Activison, Hasbro, and USAopoly
Where Did You Get It?  Special delivery from Activision!  Thanks!!
Where Does it Retail?, GameStop, Hastings, and Everything Entertainment
What Does It Cost?  $39.99
Is It Worth the Price?  YES!!

Unboxing and Review of Monopoly: Skylanders

I was very pleasantly surprised this afternoon when a mystery shipment from Activision came to work.  At first I was thinking it might be the new purple variants, or maybe some E3 Hot Dogs to give away...The box could have housed a TON of Skylanders.  I then got a tip off on the label...Skylanders Monopoly?  Seriously?  I literally tried to find this locally on my lunch hour (I did at least get a 2nd S2 Drobot out of the trip).  What a sweet surprise!  And luckily it came before I ordered it in from Amazon.

I have to say, this is a great collector's piece.  The artwork is the best I have ever seen on a board game.  The details (property names etc) are spot-on and were definitely well crafted.  You could literally just use this as a backdrop for your Skylanders and be set...If you open it, you can utilize the board for a floor mat display to an army of Skylanders.

Or, you can actually play the game...Monopoly: Skylander looks like it will take all the fun of Monopoly and seamlessly mesh the classic game play we all know and love into a submersive Skyland experience.

There are 22 Skylands based locations, Treasure Chests replace the Community Chest, Luck-O-Tron Cards replace the Chance Cards, Houses are Huts, Hotels are Casltes, both the Huts and Castles have Skylander themed coloring, and we get six collectible, metal game tokens, that includes, KAOS.

I am VERY IMPRESSED with the little things on this game...As you know I am a stickler for details and spend time going over things with a fine tooth comb...This didn't disappoint me, but it did exceed expectations...big time.  Again, I can't stress how pleased collectors will be with just the artwork and display potential of the game...It is a nice addition for any collector be they casual, or hardcore.  Hats off to Activision, Hasbro, and USAopoly for crafting this one!

I have to once more thank Activision for sending this out, I appreciate Flynn's Balloon too!  I hope that the unboxing and review will help alert other Portal Masters and Skylander fans to the game and perhaps convince a few that may have been skeptical of the polished web store shots that this truly does feature great artwork.

As for the game itself, I haven't played yet...but I will Saturday night!

Here are a few quick shots to go along with the video...

You can find Monopoly: Skylanders at GameStop (retail stores and online), Hastings (retail and online), Entertainment Earth (never heard of the chain, but I assume in stores and online), and of course  In addition to these stores, some specialty outfits will stock the game and I'm confident malls across America will have carts and seasonal shops open up that will have it (great to package this with the coming 2014 Skylanders calendar imo!).  It retails for $39.99.  I don't think collectors will be disappointed AND if you play the game, it will no doubt pay for itself in a few rounds of play.

Thanks again to Activision and be on the lookout for KAOS as seen in the last picture...



  1. Ha ha it is I KAOS now with the ability to...Bit properties??! I will defeat you with my boardgame playing abilities! Fear my tiny metal fury!!!!

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    1. Bahaha! He really does look sinister, even in the miniature!

  2. How do you get free stuff from Activision. I want them to send me free stuff too! Tell me how.

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    1. I honestly don't know how, just why, lol.

      I started doing all the Skylanders stuff at the launch of SSA because I thought it was cool and I wound up enjoying the game and collecting the figures...repeated it for Giants and one day I had an e-mail inviting me to E3 to cover SWAP Force etc.

      I'm not sure if it comes down to followers, subscribers, or just the effort put in to what you do...but there are people watching and taking note. Very cool to get the opportunity to be involved. It is kind of what you hope would happen, but never expect...I'm just going along for the ride and feel fortunate to be a part of things...

      Everyone from the legal team, PR, and even head developers keep tabs on the community...not necessarily doing so boldly, but they do pay attention to what fans like, want, and would like to see...SWAP Force got a lot of that...It was very cool getting to talk to the developers at E3 and kind of get a feel for how much time and effort they put into the game experience for all of us.

      All I can tell you is do what you like and have fun...good things will come. And if they don't, you're still having fun...BOOM, lol.

      Again, I don't think myself, or any of the others, expected inside info, let alone free stuff, but it has been a lot of fun and we will hopefully get to keep everyone up to date and expose more people to Skylanders.

      Good luck!


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