Sunday, February 9, 2014

1ofWiisdom's 3 Year Anniversary on YouTube

Today, February 9th, 2014 marks my 3 Year Anniversary on YouTube!

I am typing this at 6 AM (not because I'm up early, but because I haven't gone to bed yet...although anyone that watches my vids regularly would already know that is how I roll), but look for a Channel Update later tonight as well as the release of some videos I've been saving!

Thanks to everyone who has enjoyed the videos on YouTube, commented, subscribed, shared, etc...That is what I started the channel for to have fun and let others in on the action!

It honestly began just because my Nephew and I wanted to record our Mario Kart Wii races (which were routinely, ridiculously epic finishes)...I was unaware at the time that it would snowball into what it has now become, but I wouldn't change anything.

I sincerely appreciate everyone taking their time to watch the videos.  There are tons of options out there and I am humbled you prefer my take on things...

I'll cover the anniversary and a few other topics in the Channel Update and once it is LIVE I will embed it here.

Thanks again for your support,


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