Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Game Showcase with Xbox One Exclusive Splitscreen Offline Co-Op

This isn't really an unboxing, but rather a video to highlight a great game that may fly under a lot of people's radar...

Checking Out Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare

On that same note, there are some drawbacks you will want to know about if you aren't equipped with a solid internet connection, or aren't fond of the additional subscriptions like Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus.

After having played the game with my Nephew tonight I can honestly say it is a blast, just as I had hoped...It is sad knowing we are missing out on the "online" aspects of the game (see almost everything), but I am equally hopeful that my trial of Xbox Live Gold will pan out with the connection and I can move forward to enjoy the rest of the game.

Please note that the Split Screen Offline Co-Op is only avaialbe on Xbox One!

Speaking of which, let's take a look at the available maps!

PvZ Garden Warafare Xbox One Offline Co-Op Part 1:

PvZ Garden Warafare Xbox One Offline Co-Op Part 2:

Oh and what about the pre-order bonus I mentioned that enticed me to commit to GameStop?  Well, sadly I didn't check things out PRIOR to entering the code, but it will showcase what is available.

GameStop Pre-Order Booster Pack Bonus

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