Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Toy Fair Exclusive Red Metallic Dune Bug

What:  Skylanders SWAP Force Exclusive Edition Toy Fair 2014 Dune Bug
Where Did You Get It: Special Delivery
What is Stock Like: Limited to Toy Fair 2014

Wow!  My Wednesday at the office just got a lot better...

FedEx swung by with the 2014 Toy Fair Exclusive Red Metallic Dune Bug!  The technical name is as listed out above "Exclusive Edition Toy Fair 2014 Dune Bug," but most will refer to him as Toy Fair Dune Bug, or Red Metallic Dune Bug etc.  The color looks great, but it is really one of those ones that needs to be seen in person...Judge for yourself:

Checking Out Toy Fair Exclusive red Metallic Dune Bug

The red coloring is definitely a metallic red...It is almost like an anodized finish, although I'm not sure how many of you deal with anodized aluminum fittings.  It is a deep, vibrant red...It is not maroon, yet I feel it is closer to that than "lipstick red."  You can get a decent feel for it via the pictures and video, but it really would have to be seen with your own eyes to accurately pick up on the color.

The entire figure is covered in the red paint...Tip of the top, staff, hands, all the way down to the base.

In game, he registers as:

It is important to remember, these were intended for promotional use...Something to entice folks to visit the Skylanders section at the Toy Fair and something "physical" to send home to always look back on and remember the display and series.

I know a lot of you have stated your allegiance to Dune Bug and think he is a great Skylander.  I won't lie...anytime that is the case (ie your favorite gets a variant of any sort), it is a great addition to your collection.  At the same time, I have to caution folks not to spend crazy money to acquire something...

Everyone knows how big a fan I am of Terrafin and Warnado.  There is a GITD Warnado that I've never seen, held, or thought of buying because of the crazy price.  My life has gone on just fine.  If Terrafin ever got a really cool variant I would love to find it, but if I came up empty I wouldn't think of spending a couple hundred to acquire it.  You have to be smart with your money and keep it all in perspective.

If you do pop for one that is sure to come up on ebay etc., I hope you get a fair deal.  He does look awesome and this is really the first time I have seen a metallic in person, let alone in red.  I don't think anyone would be disappointed in the alternative decoration is very impressive.

Hopefully this post has helped to showcase Toy Fair Dune Bug for you.  If you are bummed out about how hard he will be to acquire I can offer good news that Nitro Freeze Blade is coming soon along with some special Easter themed Skylander singles that include Fryno, Punk Shock, and of course in-game variant Spring Time Trigger Happy!

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