Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nitro Freeze Blade and Easter Themed Spring Edition Skylander Single Packs for Fryno, Punk Shock, & Spring Time Trigger Happy

I have been meaning to post this for a while, but things have been quite busy on my, the pre-orders went lightning fast (ie I should have pre-ordered on lunch break instead of when I got home).

That said, we had a pretty nice reveal of some new Skylanders that will be hitting the shelves soon (although for some folks, "soon" in this instance may not be as quick as you would like).

First off, let's go with the solid release date.  Thanks to Target, we know that they are listing their store exclusive and in-game variant Nitro Freeze Blade with a release date of Sunday, March 23rd, 2014.  I've never been a huge fan of Sunday releases, and Target has been hit-or-miss with pretty much all of their exclusives, but I will keep my fingers crossed things go down smooth.  You would be wise to start checking the store regularly a week or so out...just in case.

I have been looking forward to Doom Stone, Trap Shadow, and Freeze Blade...I think folks have underestimated him based on the performance in my poll.  Once he is out, that should change.  Given the fact we haven't really seen a "special" figure out BEFORE their standard counterpart (special being in game variant etc, not just LightCore etc), I would have to imagine that standard Freeze Blade should be in the mix around or before this date as well.

Skylanders Swap Force Nitro Freeze Blade

He looks pretty solid from this box art, but I will hold final judgment for when I see him in person...He joins Nitro Magna Charge as characters treated to the Speed Boost, special paint job, and Target Exclusive status.  As always, I recommend you pick him up ASAP to avoid any issues.

Something that should be much more obtainable and less worrisome is the batch of Easter themed single packs.  They are technically called "Spring Edition" but for the vast majority of people the packaging looks like an Easter Egg so that name tends to stick...

What's more important is who is included in the basket stuffers...

The first entry should be no surprise given his name, Spring Time Trigger Happy.  

A lot of people still don't seem to grasp this is an in-game variant!  So yes, STTH will look just like his figure in the game...crazy right?  The other perk is the Spring Time hat (kind of an Easter Egg with Rabbit Ears) that should be just as impressive as the "Jolly Hat" from Jolly Bumble Blast.  Spring Time Trigger Happy's hat is only available via the figure.

On the same "Spring Edition/Easter Landers" front we have juxtaposed Newlanders in Fryno (Fire Element) and Punk Shock (Water Element).  Both should be well received.

I would have to imagine that this coming wave would include some other Skylanders as well, but as of me typing this I am unaware of any other leaks...

Likely suspects would be Turbo Jet-Vac and LightCore Bumble Blast...I say that because to me they seem more like "Spring" than a later release that might include warmer characters like Fire Bone Hot Dog etc.  Again, that is just my logic and speculation.  Based on Toy Fair media, it looks like Trap Shadow should be coming out with Freeze Blade or shortly there after...There has been no sightings for Doom Stone.

If you are hoping to catch any of these early, here are some links...Keep in mind, I think that they will heavily stock the special "Spring Edition" ones based on what we saw with Jolly Bumble Blast etc...If you have to prioritize one, go with Target's Nitro Freeze Blade.

Nitro Freeze Blade at Target $14.99:

Spring Time Trigger Happy at Best Buy:

Spring Edition Fryno at Best Buy:

Spring Edition Punk Shock at Best Buy:

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