Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hey Everyone!

First off, I am not sure how many "devout" follwers there are of this blog, if any lol, but regardless I feel obligated to provide a few updates.

It has been 25 days since the last blog post (SSE Part 36).  I have actually recorded SSE 37-41, which is putting me very close to being ready for Tabbu...The Great Maze is really something you need to do consecutively, or at least just a day or two between sessions.  When you wind up going 2-3+ weeks from your last save to just "jumping back in" it is really cumbersome to remember where you had been, and perhaps more importantly where to go. 

The irony is how much I stressed that in at least 2 different recording sessions, but alas things have not lined up as one might have hoped for this playthrough.  I do enjoy it, but finding the time here lately has been tough.  I basically have been forced to pick between x hours of sleep, or y hours for SSE, where x is a number less than 6 and any input on y results in z, a total deficit resulting in complete infeffectiveness for the next day....very rough to say the least.  I'm actually strapped with time before factoring in SSE here lately.  I will get it done, just not going to rush it.  I'm pretty sure if anyone was relying on me to guide them through the Great Maze or SSE they would have commented by now, lol.

On the bright side, I have been trying to get back to playing 30+ mins of Wii Fit Plus every night...I like to workout anyway and with it getting colder it is easy to plug-in...after the wrap-up of the complete playthough I got off on NFL Training Camp, which was great aside from random exercises not registering.  I actually quit that a few weeks ago for the simple issue of not having AAA batteries on hand...bummer.  I got some, just haven't put them in...I think I'll upload the "cool" parts of that game and then gauge interest in any team workouts.  I believe there would be more viewers for other games than a "60 Day Challenge" on NFL Training Camp. 

(Side note: Wii Fit Plus just never gets old to me...I've even been breaking some records, setting new personal bests, and playing a few I don't spend much time with!).

So, as things settle down (hopefully, I think...maybe?!) I hope to work back into 30+ mins of WFP and 30-60 mins for SSE.  It shouldn't take long to complete, unless Tabbu requires a ton of replays.  Then it is just a matter of editing and uploading (which I am behind on anyway).

I have/had my next playthrough lined up...I got it new with Training Camp, but have yet to even play it :(  I might try it out and then sort out doing a blind playthrough on it or Spyro's Adventure...

Which brings me to the big news as of late (ie Saturday).  I picked up a copy of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure for the Wii!  I didn't stop there, I also got a few of the expansion looks like a great game. I'm actually uploading some gameplay footage from the Battle Arena end of things.  Adventure Mode looks great...and is going to be a big reason to wrap up SSE (if I can resist the temptation to put it on the backburner).

I also picked up another "big" item was a good deal (best I've seen on it) and will no doubt come in handy for the future!  More to come on that one...

Lastly, I will finally post the poll results for Wii Fit Plus vs Wii Sports Resort and then make a new one...check it out and vote!

If you miss the blogs, I do provide quite a few updates in the sidebar via Twitter.  Not as detailed, obviously, but it kind of keeps you up to the minute.

And in closing...Happy Halloween!  Halloween has always been one of my favorite "holidays."  It is just nice to have something totally different that is so widely known and practiced...I won't bore folks with the history, or debate the intent etc...It is really just a chance for kids to get a costume and some candy...and for some adults a costume and a night out.  I hope you all have a great Halloween!

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