Thursday, October 6, 2011

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 36: The Great Maze Part 6

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 36: The Great Maze Part 6

Part 36 of our SSBB SSE Playthrough has us pick up right after ending the Galleom battle.
We headed right to check the door and it put us out at the Canyon, just as we expected.  Go back in the door, go left, take the elevator up, clear the Floows, and then take the door.  Continue left, dodge the flames, and battle the Mites and Shaydas.  Proceed left and you will enter a Boss Door to face Pokemon Trainer.
He starts out with Charizard.  We got luck and landed the Smart Bomb and beat him in no time!
This door takes you to a series of green platforms where you can go down.   If you don’t move right quick enough, go back left and hit a switch.  Go right and you can pick up a trophy base, I bagged the Mites.  Continue right while dodging the flaming sphere.  If you jump up you can snag a Lucario trophy. 
Jump up and take the door.  This takes you to an elevator.  When you come up, you will be back where you started.  Take the door and head left.  Take the elevator down and continue right.  Watch out for the rising and falling spike blocks.  Continue right and you will battle Floows and a Roturret in a cycling room.  If you go right you can take a Boss Door to battle Princess Zelda. 
This stage is pretty neat.   Ike was taken out pretty quick just based on his really high damage.  King Dedede came in and landed a few big hits on Zelda, thus making quick work of her. 
This put us out in an area with lowering and raising blocks and tons of Jyks!  Dedede does not fare well here, but continue right to take down the Armank.  Once you’ve made it all the way right you will enter a Boss Door and battle Princess Peach.  King Dedede managed to land an ice crystal and defeat her.  This is a dead end now.
Backtrack left and take out the Armank.  We lost Dedede, but Kirby came in and had a really hard time just finishing it off.  They are definitely easier to beat with a heavier character.  Work your way back through the Jyks and to the door…this is conversely much easier with Kirby than Dedede. 
Proceed left and take the rotating room…I just exited to the left and went back through the spiked area.  Take the elevator up and head right to the save point and to reset your characters.
Progress: 79%
Bosses Battled: Pokemon Trainer, Princess Zelda, and Princess Peach

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