Thursday, October 6, 2011

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 32: The Great Maze Part 2

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 32: The Great Maze Part 2

Part 32 of our SSBB SSE Playthrough has us continue through the Hyrule-esque portion and go right.  There are Shellpods and Puppits as you enter.  Again, the downside to the Wiimote only is that you have heck jumping and not going in doors.
Take the Yellow door and hit the Bomb block.  If you continue right you’ll have to battle Primids and the diving birds.  Continue right and take out a Shellpod.  You get to a point where there are 2 blue doors on the right edge.  The top door will drop you down against two Nagagogs and you can’t go right…Armights will follow as you beat the Nagagogs.  You can collect stickers though.  There doesn’t seem to be anything to the left of the tree stump…my advice is to not go in the door at all!
Now exit back and take the door at the right edge on the ground.  You can not go left, but you can now break the wall blocks to advance right.  You will now need to take the Yellow Door, jump the spikes, hit the bomb block and then take the blue door in the sky.  This puts you out where you can break the green blocks below your character.  Don’t break the ones below the door or you will drop to your death.
Take the door, come back and you can clear the area with a bomb-block.  Take the blue door and then open the boss door with the black haze around it.  This will take you to battle Yoshi.
We lost Fox right off the bat, but Marth came in and finished him off pretty easily.  This put us back in Hyrule.  Take the yellow door and continue right to the regular red door.  This will take you to an area with Buckots and Roaders.  Use the railed objects to defeat them.  Do the same for the Gyam Base you encounter.  An Item Box will give you a trophy.  Continue right and you’ll enter another Boss Door. 
This time we battle Diddy Kong.  R.O.B. was up the challenger and used the bumper to KO Diddy.  This put us out at a point where we can go down, right, or take the save door.  This took us back to the main entry point where we saved our progress and reset our characters.
Progress: 70 Something percent
Bosses Battled: Yoshi and Diddy Kong

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