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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 31: The Great Maze, Part 1

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 31: The Great Maze, Part 1

Part 31 of our SSBB SSE Playthrough sees us enter the Great Maze.  This is probably what most of you have been waiting on as it is the longest and most challenging portion of Adventure Mode…in part because it is essentially everything condensed into one “stage” if you will.
I do want to mention I had started the Great Maze and lost everything (only about 11 minutes) because of Windows Updates.  Thank you Windows for messing up yet another video.  I can’t tell you how annoying this is from my end.  The update comes on in the background well in advance to showing up on your taskbar and kills the audio etc.  A few minutes after dealing with that and you figure out why everything went to pot…
Anyway, you walk right into the Great Maze, take the only available door and immediately begin battling Petey Piranha.  This is essentially how the game started if you think back on things.  The battle with Petey is fairly straight forward…you just need to watch for the cages and dodge them when he swings and of course try not to get jumped on when he lands.
Defeat Petey and you can either backtrack to the Entry Point or take the Red Door to the Cloud World type level.  You face Primids, Goombas, and Koopas as you head left (yes we headed left again, lol).  Enter the Red Door with the black haze around it and you will battle a “Dark Pit.”  He can be difficult at times, but just use your defense and try to stay centered if your damage level is high.  Marth made quick work of him after Falco was lost.  Exit back out and you can climb up for some Maxim Tomatoes and an item box with a Trophy.  Drop down and exit back out…now continue right through more Primids, Koopas, and Goombas.
If you note, you can do like I did and exit through the entry door and get back to the main “Entry Point” and re-select your characters and save your progress.  Anytime you do this, just backtrack to where you left off.
We come back to the Cloud level and were greeted by a Trulow…super annoying to say the least.  I had a lot of trouble here for reasons unknown to me, but we made due.  Head right after clearing that portion and battle a Giant Goomba.  Take the next door right and enter to battle a Gleam.  Go back to the left and collect a trophy from the Item Box.  I backtracked at this point, unsure of if the Purple Platform would rise and keep us from heading back down.  Subsequently we went back down and to the right to the Red Door with the Black Haze…this was a battle with “Dark Kirby.”  This went really quick and I can’t complain.
Head back right and go up onto the Purple Platform.  This will take you up (dodge the Jyks) and then enter the Red Door with Black Haze to battle Link.  Link got the best of Marth and R.O.B so we had to continue.  We came right back to battle Link, this time with a full set of four characters.  I’d say these battles are usually what would be like the 5-7 range on standard brawls.  Mario was able to take Link down and we exited to Hyrule, or at least that is what I am going to call it.
Head just right (I learned the hard way, and it happens time after time) to find the “save door.”  I tried backtracking first and couldn’t get through the Purple Platform.  This takes us to a “Save Point.”
Bosses Battled: Petey Piranha, Pit, Kirby, and Link

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