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Super Smash Bros Brawl Supbspace Emissary Part 21: The Glacial Peak

Super Smash Bros Brawl Supbspace Emissary Part 21: The Glacial Peak

Part 21 of our SSBB SSE Playthrough sees us chill out at the Glacial Peak.  This picks up with a cut-scene where a ship engages the Halbred.   Naturally, Meta Knight takes off to see who is manning his ship.  It is here that we are introduced to the Ice Climbers, who follow Meta Knight up the mountain side to the Alpine region.
This stage is pretty straight forward…you start at the base of the mountain and work your way UP.  You will deal with variety of enemies here, but none are too difficult to handle.  The second portion will let you earn stickers form the Boom Primids and Shell Pods.  When you climb up the ladder you’ll see an Item Box.  Open it and then grab the sticker FAST.  The spike wall starts coming out, something I did not anticipate.  Continue on the upward path and do your best to clear the bosses. 
I lost Meta Knight after a Ticken charged and played with the Ice Climbers for the first time.  Their twin hammers made really quick work of the Floows…it was awesome!  Clear this portion and take the barrel launchers up to the Yellow Flag.
The Ice Climbers can move pretty well, but it turns out you can lose one by travelling too high, again I learned this the hard way.  Take the Red Door and then jump up onto a platform, it will begin ascending and you will have to work your way right and left ot doge the ice-spikes on either side of the corridor.
Naturally, you’ll also have Sword Primids come down.  Once you reach a certain height the platform will start going to the northeast, then back to the northwest, and then up again…Please note the totally random elevator-esque music at this point, lol.  Now, you have to climb up and deal with an auto-scrolling camera and ice blocks coming in and out of the walls.  There are a few items boxes, the first is just a pair of Maxim Tomatoes, but the second is a trophy.  Get to the top and then proceed to get in the Red Door before the spikes crush you from up above.
You now are faced with another barrel blaster.  Jump in and then do a double jump and recovery to the platform with the ladder.  I was careful to try and keep both Ice Climbers together to avoid losing one, but then got tired of it and just went up.  Take the ladders and dodge the Glice…this sounds easy, but is fairly difficult.  Right before the top you’ll have two Jyks to contend with as well.  Get to the next platform and you’ll battle 3 Shaydas.  Clear them and the fourth one…now wipe out the Glice and go up to battle yet another Shayda, but beware of the Glice circling the area. 
I had to restart after getting taken out as the lone Ice Climber.  Also note that the Glice will give you about 20% damage every time they freeze you.  This next section features a strong wind blowing to the left.  Take the Red Door and you’ll find an Item Box with a Heart Container.  Jump up to land the Metal Boxes and the sink down below the Stalactite…climb up t score a Trophy from an Item Box and then drop down to exit the secret area.
Continue up, deal with more Shaydas, Spaaks, and then a Towtow, one on either side of the stage…try to use the platforms to avoid their attacks…Also eliminate the 2 Spaaks and continue your ascent.  Jump up to the next Red Door at the summit and you’ll see a cut-scene.
Lucario is perched atop it and jumps down ready to fight.  This stage is pretty awesome fighting on a giant ice block with the summit and mountain range in the background.  Lucario is a pretty good brawler, but we made quick work of him.  Meta Knight then touches the base of his trophy and he joins forces with Meta Knight and the adventurous Ice Climbers.
After the stage clear screen we see Lucario and Meta Knight shake hands.  Immediately after the Halbred, with the ship that fought it strapped to its’ hull, crashes into the summit of the mountain.  Meta Knight and Lucario both rush onto the ship and up towards the Halbred; the Ice Climbers fell down towards the base of the mountain.
Trophies: Katie & Kaitlin and Gulpin
Stickers: Daisy, Derek, Andy, Warrior Ing, Pit, Bow, General Pepper, Xananab
Progress: 46%

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