Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Playthrough Part 17: The Wilds

Part 17 of our SSBB SSE Playthrough sees us move on to The Wilds. 
We open with a cut scene where the Ancient Minister seems to be regretting loosing ROBs to detonate Subspace bombs.  His moment of reflection is interrupted by Pit shooting an arrow at him.  The Ancient Minister dodged the assault.  You can choose 4 of 5 characters: Mario, Pit, Link, Yoshi, and Kirby.
Move right and make use of the pink sliders to help with the Shellpods.  You will also have Feyesh swarming around.  Clear the area and move right.  The camera will start to auto-scroll as we have to contend with Mites and the Barboras.  You will have to use the pink sliders to clear bomb blocks and the likes.  Carefully move onto the platform and then prepare for a battle with Armights and Feyesh.  Progress right now and clear a Shellpod. 
If you come to the three elevators you can activate the middle one upwards and then drop back down for a secret door.  Hit the railed pink slider and you’ll earn a Trophy and healthmato.  Come back out the door and hit the bomb block to reveal a ladder.  You need to take the first (farthest left) elevator to advance to the top.  Move right and you’ll be greeted by Puppits and Tickens.  As you continue right hit the giant slider to clear the path ahead of you.  Move right and enter the door.
This door will take us to a segment with moving platforms and a left-right wind.  When you get to the bottom and are battling the Nagagogs be very careful because Trowlons are flying nearby.  Jump to take out the Scope Primid and then carefully coax the spike traps out.  As soon as you jump up you’ll be in a multiman brawl with all sorts of Primids and a Gleam.  This KO’d Kirby, but Pit came in and got the job done.  The winds get much stronger here, but there are more Trowlons to contend with.
When you clear that portion you will have to hit the series of cement/striped platforms that drop down.  Be careful as you have to hit them just right and navigate the course perfectly to avoid getting knocked off and a KO.  It isn’t hard once you’ve seen what happens, but the first time you can easily be surprised.
We got knocked off as Pit and had to restart from just beyond that point.  The trick is making the transition from one platform to the other.  When you start to go up after the upward turn, take out the enemy spawn point and then deal with all the Bytans.  Continue up and head left for an Item Box containing a Trophy.  Move back across the pit to the right.  Exercise caution as Roaders are present, as well as a few Spaaks.
This takes us to a cut scene where Link and Mario are chasing down the Ancient Minister.  He is shooting at them, and a band of ROBs prevents them from advancing.  The Minister then drops down a Subspace Bomb and two ROBs man it.  Pit and Mario try relentlessly to pull them out of the “live” position, but the ROBs just pull them off.  We see the Ancient Minister again looking remorseful as an ROB waves goodbye to him. 
As the Subspace Bomb detonates we see Mario riding Yoshi ahead of the blast, Kirby on his ship with Link and Pit hanging on the back.  This clears the stage.
Trophies: Star Rod and Staryu
Stickers: Peppy, Mario, Boulder, and Tetra
Progress: 36%

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