Monday, September 5, 2011

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 7: The Ruined Zoo

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 7: The Ruined Zoo

Part 7 of our Super Smash Bros. Brawl has us pick up at the Ruined Zoo where we are introduced to Lucas.  I have zero experience with him, and can honestly say I am not a fan.  I might need to play his game series or something, but just based on Brawl I’d go elsewhere.
Anyway, Lucas is at the Ruined Zoo and is then surrounded by enemies and a giant statue of Porky begins following him through the ruined zoo.  Lucas evades the statue as it falls in the water…then it comes back…great.
As Lucas is on the ground crying and about to get smashed Ness shows up to save Lucas and begins fighting the statue.  We battle Porky who is quite difficult to beat, especially since I have zero familiarity with the series etc.  I basically just threw caution to the wind and started hitting him recklessly.  It kind of worked as we defeated him so there you go, lol.
Wario shows up and takes aim at Ness, who is able to evade the attacks.  He keenly takes aim at Lucas instead, but Ness, just like Donkey Kong, shoves Lucas out of the way, which captures Ness in trophy form.
Lucas than walks out of the zoo and bumps into Pokemon Trainer’s backpack.  He then looks up and sees a sea of primids.  Pokemon tells him not to worry as he spawns Squirtle the Turtle to take on the action.
Squirtle beings a side scrolling sequence where we encounter our first Floow enemies.  These are a tough enemy to beat as some start spawning some sort of green demons that really do a lot of damage.  We exit this section and enter a closed in area and meet up with Bytans.  These are ping-pong like enemies that seem to spawn multiple replicas.  As you defeat them you can advance on thru the remainder of the level.
The next exit puts us back outside where we deal with Tickens and Primids. This somehow KO’d Lucas so Squirtle is back.  More Floows come out and wreak havoc on our progress.  I just bypassed them and took Lucas to a multiman arena where he fell off the ledge.  We had to use our first continue here, hopefully they are limitless.  The good news is we started at the same section.  We did find a door we missed the first time and got a trophy and heart.
Back outside we traverse through the same level, and get to the end multiman brawl.  Lucas again falls to his demise and Squirtle the Turtle comes in to pick up the pieces and complete the level.
We come to a cut scene where Pokemon Trainer returns and then Lucas chases after him.  That wraps up the stage.  This is thus far my least favorite stage, primarily because of the characters we had to use to fight.  Lucas and Pokemon Trainer both joined our team and we are now at 15% completion.

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