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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Playthrough Part 10: The Research Facility

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Playthrough Part 10: The Research Facility

Part 10 of our Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary playthrough has us heading to the top corner of the map where we enter the Research Facility.  We start with a cut scene where Samus breaks into the research facility.  She heads forward and we start the side scrolling action in the Research Facility.  Once again there were a lot of options and it is hard to know where to begin, or where to end…
We encounter ROBs for the first time…some with red arms called Sentries and some with purple arms called ROB Blasters.  We head up one level in the elevator and all the way to the right to find a trophy.
We enter a door and a cut scene is initiated…this one sees Pikachu in some sort of a test bad, presumably for research (hardee-har-har-har).  Samus breaks Pikachu out and an army of ROBs shows up at the door to halt their escape.  Pikachu begins fighting his way through the force.
We took a ladder straight up and found a chamber that pitted us against a ton of Bytans.  As we climbed up we met a trio of ROB Launchers.  There are a dirty-bronze colored ROB that shoots a heat sinking missile at you.  More Bytans tumbled down but we couldn’t find the source and just exited out.  We jumped up and found a heart in an item box.  Right after that a series of huge Bytans came down at us.
Clearing that we came to a dead-end with some mine like creature…if you touch them they blow up and a band of green energy radiates for about twice the diameter of the orb.  I tried to come back and use the mine to blow away the structures blocking our path…that was great because I learned that the mines really do 15 percentage points of damage every time you contact them.
We exited back out, went down thru the chamber after having a hard time getting Pikachu to drop thru the platforms.  As I type this and watch the playthrough I don’t think the Bytans really seem to do much damage, if any…I’m sure at some point they do, but it isn’t anything major.
We got back to where we came from and tried following the arrows, which definitely doesn’t go in with our badass persona or adventurous spirits…but it does make sense, doesn’t it?

The bottom door in this room took us to an area with platforms, which spawned a multiman brawl, and pitted us against Roturrets and ROB Sentries.  This was somewhat difficult for the simple fact you don’t have solid ground around you.  We encounter more ROBs past this point and found our first locked door.

We headed right and had to battle some ROB Sentries and a Bukot to get the key.  After unlocking the door we find another locked door and its’ key to the right.  We proceed through and hit a switch that sends a large platform moving.  We backtrack out the way we came (left of the platform we brawled the Roturrets on).  This put us back at the bottom door.  Our next step is to find the door just above and to the right.  This puts us out and onto the hovering platform we activated with the switch.  You have to contend with Jyks when you travel right, but you soon dock.  When you hit the switch it will lower the red blocks that we couldn’t get the mines to blow up.  It is really hard to navigate the electrical Jyks without taking damage.  We go all the way left and find a door.
This takes us back to the main area with the ladders and rotating platforms at the base.  We hit the top door and traverse thru the Bytans and ROB Launchers.  I just went thru them fast after having dealt with them one-by-one and earning nothing special.
After dodging the large Bytans we can head thru the area as the blocks have lowered and separated.  We encounter a few ROB Launchers and of course more mines.  Just proceed cautiously here and you should be fine.
Jump past the last few mines and you’ll face some Metal Primids.  Clear another series of rotating mines and then carefully take care of the ROB Launcher on the sinking platform…make that jump and you are home free!
The yellow stage door takes you to yet another cut scene, this one where Zero Suit Samus sees the other suit.  This one wasn’t too exciting and wasn’t terribly bad.  Once more I feel like I took the right door too soon and missed out on some stuff.  Oh well, we’ll go back and take care of all that.
As you might have guessed, Zero Suit Samus and Pikachu joined our team and we are up to 22% completion.  We will head to the Lake Shore for Part 11.

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