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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Playthough Part 18: The Swamp

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Playthough Part 18: The Swamp

Part 18 of our SSBB SSE Playthrough sees us move on to The Swamp.  We are playing here with Fox and Diddy Kong.
I started with Diddy Kong.  We move right and encounter Goombas, Koopas, and Paratroopas right off the bat.  I really like the background and music in this stage.  When you hit the updraft area, drop down to the ledge to find an item box with a Bowser Trophy and then hit the bomb block to move upward.  Proceed cautiously as Hammer Bros. are overhead!
This next part is simple, bu t I made it look hard as DK just jumped right to his death.  Continue right and navigate the updrafts and slow moving platforms.  Center yourself on the swinging platform to wipe out the Puppits.  Be careful as the leaves will sink down.  You can go right to the door and the remaining Puppits will follow you.  Clear them, collect the stickers, and then continue through the door.  When you enter prepare to duck…a trio of Bullet Bills is headed your way!  If you rush into the level you’ll get nailed.  When you continue across the next pit, you will deal with a downward draft, make note of that.  The ladder sequence will also feature Bullet Bills.  Drop off this platform and hit the Item Box only if you need a Heart Container.  This cost us Fox, so we are back to square one with Diddy.
Dodge the Paratroopas and be weary of the downward draft.  Hit the corner and you’ll have to face Floows, Hammer Bros, and then more Bullet Bills come in, this time from left to right.  You will want to avoid the sled below you, and if you land on it, prepare to jump back to the right.
Once it is cleared you will score another life and then have to move up a ladder quickly while the camera auto scrolls.  Stop and jump left to enter the secret door.  There is an item box to the left with Healthmatoes and then if you do a double jump and recovery you can score a Trophy.  When you come back out be careful and make quick work on the ladder…dodge the enemies and blades…proceed quickly…which is hard to do given the way the camera lags and advances with no regard to your character.  We lost several lives here just getting caught in the wrong spot as there was no way we could see ahead far enough to plan our strategy…this portion might take you back to a restart if you have already lost lives.
Take the door to the right and you’ll enter a cut-scene…very refreshing compared to what we just went through, although it is short lived…
Fox and Diddy Kong are walking along and then Bowser hits Diddy Kong turning him into a trophy.  The dark, primid stuff turns DK into a giant character.  At that time, Falco shows up and destroys Bowser’s trophy gun in a pretty cool sequence.  Bowser, jumps back into the Clown Car and escapes while Fox brings Diddy Kong back to life. This leaves Diddy Kong, Fox, and Falco to fend off the giant, dark Diddy Kong.
This battle is pretty straight forward as Giant Diddy Kong has basically the same moves as Diddy Kong, he is just a tad slower and a lot more powerful…definitely not a lightweight any longer!  I got a lot of damage on him with just Diddy Kong and then Fox came in to do literally nothing.  Falco showed up for an immediate KO.  Luckily we had a continue left, so Diddy was back in the saddle and finished off his larger, evil counterpart.  The trophy dropped and disseminated.  Diddy Kong pleaded with Falco to help them and drug him along just like he did with Fox a few installments ago.
This opens a new part of the stage and you start out with a mine car…remember to bail anytime you see the large exclamation point.  Jump down and get to a dock as quick as you can.  There will be Koopas and Paratroopas to contend with…try and avoid the sleds, they are more trouble than they are worth.
If you continue right you’ll have to battle a series of Hammer Bros.  Be leery of the swift current as you enter Barrel Blasters.  There is an Item Box that you can easily miss.  I tried to get back to it, but could not get over and/or under all of the barrel blasters.  Enter the door and continue moving right.
There is a series of really annoying springs here, but you’ll have to utilize them to land the trophy up top.  If you get in the water, try to get back to a dock or land quickly as the currents are still swift.  I had to use double jumps and upward smash attacks to navigate the platforms.  Get up to the platform before the spike strip and you will score another continue.
Again, let me stress how annoying the springs are…yet you have to use them.  Clear the breakable blocks and then jump to the right…be careful as the boxes will drop.  Land on the up and down moving platform to beat a Feyesh.  Use the springs to clear the large wooden spikes and then continue that strategy across the rest of the stage to another red door.
No, we are still not done.  You now face both Bullet Bills and some sort of green, sea-weed/swamp plant that will randomly rise up just after an eddy forms.  The large platform will usher in a battle with Koopas, Goombas, and Paratroopas.  Watch out as Bullet Bills will also swarm in from both directions…they can easily KO you.  Now continue right and pay careful attention to the water below the platforms to dodge the aforementioned swamp/seaweed creatures that surface and propel you upwards.
If you make it to the next piece of land, you’ll see the yellow stage door (don’t forget the Giant Goomba)…if you are like me the swamp plants will take you out and cause you to just drop there anyway, not that I can really complain about that…doesn’t seem to be much you miss by not getting hit by a few more of them.  With the auto-scrolling camera it is pretty hard to dodge them and land on platforms. If you attempt it, make sure to monitor the surface of the water for warning signs one is about to spring up and attack.
Take the yellow door and we are at another cut scene.  This one sees Donkey Kong’s trophy chained down and being routed towards the Research Facility.  Diddy Kong is irate to see it go by and not be able to take off after it.  Lucky for him Falco brings his ship up for the trio to board.  This ends The Swamp.
Trophies: Paper Bowser, Dr. Shrunk, and HM Mech Rosa
Stickers: Zora, Fierce Deity Link, and Item Box from Mario Kart Double Dash
Progress: 38%

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