Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 28: Entrance to Subspace

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 28: Entrance to Subspace

Part 28 of our SSBB SSE Playthrough sees us move on to the Entrance to Subspace.
We open with a major cut scene.  A ship piloted by Ganondorf and Bowser emerges from a Subspace Void.  It blasts a laser creating another Subspace port.  Then, much to the baddies surprise, the Halbred emerges.  Ganondorf commences an offensive onslaught and destroys it. 
However, our heroes take their smaller ships and attack.  Kirby comes in on a Warp Star and does a damning blow to the ship.  The others follow suit, shooting at the ship before entering subspace.  All of our heroes, almost that is, are present in Subspace.
You can now select 4 of 25 characters for the Entrance to Subspace.
When you enter this level it is almost like a psychedelic trip.  The platforms are a sort of rainbow neon and the background is something like you would envision in deep space.  The first jump pits you against a series of enemies.  Clear that and you’ll be forced to auto-scroll.  You’ll see all sorts of Primids, Borboras, and Shadyas.  Clear them and you will progress right to yet another battle, this time with an Armank.
Continue right and you’ll be greeted by a Greap and several Big Primids.  Clear these enemies and continue on your way right.  The ground will soon disappear, but it is still present.  Take the door and you’ll see a cut scene.
Ganondorf shoots Bowser from behind.  Master Hand descends, but he is then constrained via puppet stings by Tabbu.  Ganondor attacks and Tabbu turns him into a trophy.  Master Hand is freed and counterattacks only to be shot down by Tabbu.  All of our heroes rush in and are hit by the successive 3-tiered attack from Tabbu.  This clears the stage.
Trophy: CDs
Stickers: None
Progress: 58%

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