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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 23: Battleship Hablred Interior

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 23: Battleship Hablred Interior

Part 23 of our SSBB SSE Playthrough has us take to the skies aboard the Halbred.  Meta Knight and Lucario had just jumped aboard after the Halbred brushed the Glacial Peak.  The cut scene introduces us to Snake, who was naturally in his box being covert and stealthy.
Enter the door and begin plowing through the Primid forces.  Take the first drop down block at ground level and it will reveal a switch.  Hit the switch and enter the door to break 2 Item Boxes and get 2 Trophies.  Climb back up and battle the Sword Primids.  Snake seems right at home in this tense environment and being outnumbered.  Advance across the next set of drop-down boxes and then take the door.  This takes us to a cut scene.
Meta Knight and Lucario fly-by Snake-in-a-box…the three are about to duke it out when Lucario senses a huge group of Primids, this puts everyone on the same page.
Proceed right and take out the Primid assortment.  Take the platforms down and then the ladder on the left.  Take care of the Mites and a few Primids to hit a switch on the room’s ceiling.  Continue left and head down another ladder.  Move right and collect two Stickers from the Item Box.  Now climb back up and drop down on the right.  Stay on the top, left platform and let the enemies come to you…this makes things much easier, until of course you realize the Floows are coming from a spawn point.  Take it out and then jump up and break the blocks on the right…then jump up in a Commander keen fashion to access a hidden door.  Proceed carefully as there are Glire in the area.  Avoid them and take out the spawn point as soon as possible.  Continue to the left and take the Trophy and 2 Stickers from the two Item Boxes.  Now backtrack and head left.  I was able to get back to the spring area and score a good trophy via the base throw.  Jump back up to the middle two platforms and hit the pink switch on the ceiling.  Get back out and proceed left.
We now head back to the top and right.  When you see the Bytans coming you know you are in the right spot.  Take out their spawn point and then deal with the Armights if possible.  Now, it the pink switch on the celing…which in retrospect is the first one we should have done.  Now we can drop down and access the center ladder.  At the base, just to the right you will find an Item Box with a CD in it…be sure to grab it.
Now continue left to the door.  We are now in a portion where the lights fade on and off.  This stage pits us against a ton of Sword Primids and Shaydas.  Try to do as much damage as possible with the lights on and try to stay centered when they dim.  After you beat all of those enemies an Autolance will appear; defeat it and take the door that just appeared.
Continue on to the left and be weary of the Buckots and Primids; they are very hard to see with the lights out.  (It’s less dangerous…here we are now…entertain us!  Sorry, couldn’t help myself…post what that means to you as a comment here, on Twitter, or my YouTube Channel and I will reference you in a video; it must be “right” though).
Continue battling your way through the dark and take the Red Door.  You’ll notice a ladder going up and a Bombed.  Take out the Bombed and you’ll see that one of six blue doors just retracted.  That’s right, just like the previous portion we will be having to move about the area to defeat enemies, and open the barriers. Glad to see the Halbred’s defenses are up and running after my last encounter with it in Kirby super Star Ultra, lol. 
Now backtrack and head up to take out a Primid.  Move down and hit the Item Box to get a Star.  Now drop down and battle the Nagagog, this will open the third barrier.  Head right and take the next ladder.  Defeat the Metal Primid to open the fourth barrier.  Now, backtrack down the ladder, across the spikes and then proceed up via the springs.  I got lucky and took out the Gymul for the fifth barrier.  Jump up for a Trophy in the Item Box.  Now, go left and climb the next ladder. Defeat the TowTow you’ve been hearing whine and we are golden; all six of the barriers are now retracted.  I have to say, Lucario has performed very well in my opinion.
Now get back to the original entry point and head through the retracted barriers to the door.  (Yes I know I said 5 in the vid, didn’t count the first one and walked through fast, caught it here though…definitely 6 of them).  This door triggers a cut-scene.
A large door opens and our trio finds Peach and Shiek caged in trophy form get taken over by the primid forces to spawn Dark Peach and Dark Shiek. 
You will be battling both of them at the same time…the biggest issue is that they blend in with the background.  I lost Snake to a failed Bob-omb grab and then Meta Knight to an attack from Zelda.  Lucario came in and took out Peach, then finised Zelda with a kick.
This freed Peach and Zelda.  Meta Knight, Lucario, and Snake head back out to continue navigating the Halbred, but not before Snake cautions the Princess duo to stay put.  This clears the stage.
This one was pretty fun really.  The characters are diverse and your toiling in the two puzzle-type portions of the Halbred are rewarded with the super-cool battle with Dark Peach and Dark Zelda.
Trophies: Chikorita, Palkia, Cymul, Cream
Stickers: Starship, Morris, Kat, Mario, Mega Mushroom, Jull & Drill Dozer, Hot Head
Music: Tane no Uta
Progress: 50%

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