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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 24: Battleship Halbred Exterior

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 24: Battleship Halbred Exterior

Part 24 of our SSBB SSE Playthrough moves out for the Battleship Halbred Exterior.  Naturally, the two Princesses couldn’t hold their position so they set out to do some exploring of their own. 
Sheik and Peach, who is insanely happy given her predicament, come out and exit the ship.  I selected   Peach first for her jumping ability.  You basically come out and navigate a series of platforms while dealing with a ridiculously strong wind blowing right to left.  I got too low looking for an Item Box and lost Peach.  The same thing happened with Sheik.
The good news is this portion isn’t too long and you clear it quickly by entering a Red Door.  Proceed in and contend with a few Mites and then some Mines.  You can use Peach’s Beets to detonate the Mines or the pink switches to do so.  Go right and up the first series of platforms against the wall.  When you get to the top you will see three Item Boxes.  The first has two stickers, the second has a Heart Container, and the third has a laser gun…not a bad haul!   The laser gun is particularly useful for blasting the mines and clearing your selected path.  Drop back down the way you came to avoid any unnecessary damage.
Now drop back down to your original entry point and continue right over the podium.  Watch out for more Mites and a Poppant.  As you advance there will be a Scope Primid and some more Mites.  Continue right and take out the Scope Primid guarding the pink switch. 
Move back left across the top platforms to find an Item Box with a continue.  Hit the switch to retract a door blocking your path past a ditch.  Move quick to avoid jumping into the closing door and plummeting to your death.  Clear this segment and go through the next door.  This area was strange and seemed more like it should have been a scene at the Research Facility than aboard the Halbred.  IT was basically a series of glassed observation units with various enemies in them (Roader, Autolance, and a Scope Primid to name a few).  Luckily you can just pass through and take the next door…I tried to harass them, but had no luck.
This door takes you to a multiman brawl with a few Scope Primids and lots of Primids.  Somehow we lost Peach, but Sheik came in and took over.  Clear the Primids and be careful as there is a Greap and a few Puppits to contend with now.  Peach and Sheik are both light weights and easy for the Gleam to KO. 
Continue right and take out a few Feyesh.  You will notice an Item Box avove you.  Jump up for a Maxim Tomato.  Drop down for a Trophy from the lower Item Box.  Continue on but be weary of the Greap.  Jump to the next area and drop down onto the Buckot.  This item box contains a rocket launcher. 
Proceed slowly as there are blue flames that cycle on and off.  The rocket launcher comes in handy for taking out Buckots.  Wait for the floor and ceiling to open up and then proceed in and quickly jump to the floating door.  This puts you back on the Halbred’s exterior. 
Make your way right via the same platforms you were previously on…just take your time, size up the jump, and you should be fine.  I recommend going high to clear the long jumps.  You will also see an Item Box with a Trophy to your upper left, shortly after the start.  Continue up and reach the deck to trigger a cut-scene.
We see Peach prancing about on the deck while Fox zooms in to attack the Halbred.  He is doing great until Sheik mistakes him for an enemy and jumps to his ship, puts her first through the cockpit, and pulls him out of the deck.  They are rushing towards each other to battle when Peach intervenes with some tea…must have been good stuff as Sheik was taking the smell in while Fox assessed the situation.  Conflict resolved!  This cut-scene also cleared the stage.
Trophies: Polly & Phyllis and Munchlax
Stickers: Fire Flower, Kumatora, Propeller Shy Guy,  and Kirby
Progress: 52%

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