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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 29: Subspace, Part 1

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 29: Subspace, Part 1

Part 29 of our SSBB SSE Playthrough sees us pick up from a devastating blow in the Entrance to Subspace to Subspace.
We pick up at the Ruins where Luigi and Ness awake via the buttons from King Dedede.  Luigi and Ness touch the base of his trophy to wake him up.  King Dedede is ridiculously excited as he thanks them for saving him.  He proceeds to direct them onward to Subspace.  You can pick any of the three and will pick up with whichever characters you didn’t select.
As you move right you’ll have to take on some Bombeds and clear Glice.  Make the short jump and you’ll score a Samus trophy.  Enter the door and you can continue the quest moving up.  Stop at the next door and you can pick up a Pit trophy.  Towards the bottom you’ll score a trophy from the item box.  Up towards the top is Falco.  Exit back and continue going up.   Lucas is on the platform near the top door.
Enter this door and go left.  Clear the Big Primid and Bytans.  Move all the way left to take out the spawn point and pick up another character trophy.  Jump on the golden step to reveal some hidden steps.  Continue up and you’ll see the Donkey Kong trophy.  Move left and break the ice blocks, this reveals a hidden door.  Pick up Pokemon Trainer and Pikachu, just be careful to land the trophy and maintain yourself ahead of the bomb sequence.  Exit the door and continue right.
Make your way back up to where the two stairs meet and jump to the top step.  Continue right and grab another character trophy (Marth I believe).  Work carefully here as you’ve got a Roader or two to complicate things with the bevy of Mites present.  Take the door and use a projectile attack to clear the mine trap.  Grab the Fox and Olimar trophies, then continue right past the roader to the next door.
Entering this door will place you above dropping blocks, which isn’t bad until you encounter the Puppits.  I missed this the first time, but you can continue down and right to clear the bomb block and collect the Mr. Game & Watch trophy.  Head back up and take the door juts past the Roader and you’ll be in an auto scrolling portion, move quick and keep your eyes out for any trophies…make them a priority over messing with any enemies.  Diddy Kong is located right above the door when you enter.  Continue right and the camera goes in circles.  Grab the trophy in the top right hand corner.  You can now enter the door in the top right or bottom left corners…which is easier said than done with the camera circling wildly and the sheer number of Mites.  They have a spawn poin t on the second tier that blends in with the background.
Take the right door and collect the Mario statue.  Step on the platform and continue uphill to yet another door…this brings up a cut-scene.
King Dedede sees a Bowser trophy and Master Hand.  Dedede battles Bowser in a heavyweight showdown.  Defeat Bowser, touch his base again, and have him join forces with you, Luigi, and Ness.  This clears the stage with the foursome looking onward past Master Hand to the staircase.
Trophies: Elincia
Stickers: Reaper & Reapette, ROB 64
Progress: 64%

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