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Super Smash Bros Brawl Supbspace Emissary Part 19: The Research Facility

Super Smash Bros Brawl Supbspace Emissary Part 19: The Research Facility

Part 19 of our SSBB SSE Playthough has us head back to the Research Facility with Samus and Pikachu.
First let me explain the lack of commentary…It was lost in a great tragedy.  Well it isn’t really that bad, but it really sucks to have taken the time to play while narrating and rambling on about things only to have everything lost.  I had this happen on Jett Rocket once as well.  For some reason, when I clip the 30 minute mark with my sound recording device it CAN go haywire.  I say “can” for the simple fact that sometimes it does not…in all honesty it is maybe 1 in 5 times that it happens.
Given the fact that this is such a long playthrough and the fact I had already done live commentary on it, I didn’t really want to sit down for 30 minutes and try to do post commentary.  It is painfully obvious when someone does post commentary, and I try to keep this live and on-tap with my thoughts and impressions as they happen.  This is a 100% blind playthrough (meaning I have never even attempted it, let alone learned the SSE and am taking you back for a walkthrough).   The way  I do the live commentary is not condusive to post commentary…I spend time recapping and assessing the stage at hand and it is hard to duplicate the time frames…So long story short, no commentary for this one.
Anyway, we pick up and I went with Zero Suit Samus.  You proceed right and the first thing you’ll notice is the lights going on and off.  While annoying, this does a great job of setting the mood for this stage.  For those of you that hate it, fear not for light switches are never too far away.
Proceed slowly to assess enemy positions…right off the bat we stumble onto some ROB Blasters.  Clear this first group and make your way down the drop…break the boxes and continue if you want to be like me.  If you learn from other’s mistakes you will hit the pink switch first to turn the lights on…this will basically keep you from getting hit time-after-time by the Glice that seem to litter the ground.
Yeah, had I have known that I would have hit the light switch…oh well.  The good news is there is one just atop the stepped floor as well.  As I said, you are usually never too far from a switch.  The steps themselves are hard to clear because if you didn’t already know, you’ll find out that ROB Blasters can shoot down at angles!
Once more I don’t know why I have such a hard time dropping down, with certain characters but it took a long time for Samus to make the drop.  And yes, I do know how to drop…most characters I play with it is seamless, others not so much.  Drop down through the platform, and carefully clear the rising and lowering blocks..You will have to battle Big Primids after you land.  The next segment is tricky if the lights go out mid-air.  My advice is to get to where you can see the moving platform and then proceed.  You will have to deal with Roaders and Sword Primids at this point.  Always try to stay centered given where you know the ground is beneath your feet.
Take the ladder down and move quickly to the left (after hitting the light switch).  When you drop down enter the left door.  Jump up to score a Trophy and go right for a Heart Container.  The lights will go back out and the platform will rise giving you reason to take the upper door.   Enter here and take out the Buckot, Primids, and ROB Blasters.
This triggers a cut-scene where Samus finds her suit encased at the Research Facility’s lab.  Two similarly equipped centurions show up and Samus and Pikachu have to battle them.  It is important to note that the “Dark Samus” guards are present at the same time.  This is a pretty cool setting and battle.  There isn’t really much to say, it is hard to isolate these two without taking damage from behind…so my advice is concentrate on your offensive attacks and then brace yourself for a back attack.  Try to stay centered, but be sure to move in and edge guard if you’ve got an enemy on the verge of missing their recovery jump.  I lost Samus and Pikachu came in with both over 120% damage.
The real trick is being able to edge guard without having to contend with another opponent.  Pikachu was lost and Zero Suit Samus returned…she got a sword and that was that, lol.
Naturally after clearing those enemies a huge mess of ROBs showed up.  Samus got in the suit and cleaned house.  This ends that cuts scene and we began our stage back battling a bevy of ROB Sentries.  Continue on and you’ll start to face ROB Blasters as well.  The good news is that the lights are back on and things aren’t as intimidating.  Clear the blocks below you and the ones at ground level to the left to find a trophy.  Continue right and watch out…You will have to hit the switches on the blocks to avoid them taking you into the spikes above.  As you land on solid ground you will have ot deal with ROB Blasters or ROB Launchers, or both.  We lost Samus on the final jump, but Pikachu came in to continue the quest.  Take the door on the left and proceed to hit the switch to find a large “O –platform” that will move through the level on the track.  Make note that they will just continue on, even if the camera does not.  I won’t lie, that really sucks.  The camera lags and makes it hard to forecast your destination.  Jump off when you shouldn’t and you die…stay on too long and you die.  It basically translates to you playing several times until you figure out the right path and sequence of platforms.  You can find blocks and switches all throughout this level.
There is a hidden door on one of the platforms you can land on…Enter there and hit the switch on the spike boxes to stop them and progress left.  The first Item Box is a trophy and the second Item Box is another Trophy.  I lost out on continues here and then amazingly coming back in cleared the area in no time…go figure.  Regardless of how annoying it is, this is important to get both trophies. 
Climb back up that ladder, jump to the platform on the right, then onto the left, then down to the left, and back up to the left.  This will take you right on the rail.  When you see the door indented to the left jump up and enter it.  You can find this sequence at 21:40-22:11.
This is really annoying and hard to land successfully, but it is what has to be done.
Enter the door and you’ll find 2 teleporters.  Take the lower one to the right and you will enter a multiman brawl with a Roturret, Primid, and Scope Primid.  Clear this and the platform will drop down allowing you access to two teleporters.  The one on the left takes you back to the beginning while the one on the right takes you to an area with a few Primids and springs.  Execute double jumps and upward smash attacks to navigate your way upwards.  This is somewhat tricky depending on how well you can control the character you have at the time.  Make it up to the top and you’ll find a teleporter that takes you to an area with an ROB Blaster and a moving platform. 
As the platform moves left, jump up and enter the teleporter.  You will drop down to find Glice, an Item Box, and another teleporter.  Take out the Glice, grab a Trophy from the Item Box, and then take the teleporter.  If you are patient you can land a trophy of the Glice as they make their way back to your area.  Finally, move left into the teleporter and you will be back at the start.
I knew that we stopped the moving platform’s sequence by taking the teleporter on the block, but I wasn’t quite convinced that was all that was up there.  I entered the right teleporter,  took the lower right teleporter where we battled the Roturret.  Made my way up via the Springs to the top and entered the door to get back on the moving platform.
This time simply jump and skip the teleporter on the block and take the one on the far left.  This one puts you just above the original door and you hit a switch that opens the gate blocking your access to the door placed just above the right teleporter in the first room (that makes sense right?  Lol!).
Anyway, hit the switch, teleport back to the platform, then jump up on the floating block and teleport back to the start.
Now, being that I was curious I took the teleporter just above the entry door.  It takes us to the area the teleporter on the floating block drops us into.  If you take it first, you’ll just deal with the Glice, grab the trophy, and then have to go back and proceed as we did through the right teleporter.  Just like the “O-platforms, this is just somewhat of a maze.
Now, jump up and enter the door.  This one takes you to a hallway with an Item Box containing two Healthmatoes (Maxim Tomatoes).  You know what this means…boss battle!  Continue right and enter the door.
This cut scene shows Samus and Pikachu walk towards a table only to be piucked up by Ridley.  Ridley drags Samus across the corridor doing considerable damage.  Pikachu rushes in to save Samus and they crash to the floor.  Ridley lands and we are set to go.
Ridley’s attacks are pretty basic once you’ve seen them.  The tail gets drug across the floor, there is the fast flapping of the wings that creates wind, he’ll drop down with a crash landing, and then if he turns back one direction he is likely going to shoot across right-left, or vice-versa. 
Knowing this, just attack Ridley when he is stationary.  Do your best to dodge the tail and crash landings…and anytime you see him to side-to-side, try to be high in the air or on the ground crouching.
Samus landed a lot of damage before she got KOd.  Pikachu was doing quite well until an odd fall.  Samus came back in, got a Metal Box and proceeded to take Ridley out.  Not that bad of a battle at all.  Act quick and you can pick-up items Ridley drops after battling.  The way the camera pans out and down, you can’t see them, but just scurry about and see what you can do.
As the battle ends Samus and Pikachu exit out of the Research Facility and find the entrance to the Subspace Bomb Factory; this clears the stage.  Note that about the time the Trophy list is up, the video’s audio starts to scratch…this is that magic moment where the commentary was lost.  Oh well.  This was a very long stage (4%), but you accomplished quite a bit.
Trophies: Wrinkly Kong, Dialga, Cypher, Darbus, Cappy, Glice, and Samus (Dark Suit)
Stickers: Chilbi-Robo
Progress: 42%

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