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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 13: The Cave

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 13: The Cave

Part 13 of our SSBB SSE Playthrough has us take on The Cave.  We open up with a cut scene where Mario, Yoshi, Link, Kirby, and Pit see a hole in the wall where Bowser had just been.   You can select 4 of the 5 to play with.  As you progress to the right you’ll encounter boulders, falling ceilings, raising floors, and then some goombas.  Climb the ladder and you’ll have to battle a series of Koopatroopas, Paratroopas, Goombas, and Hammer Bros.  Defeat them to clear the top and continue right. 
Drop down the ladder and continue right.  Take care of the Koopa and let the ceiling drop.  You can go all the way down and then take the Goombas out.  Tread carefully because as you go right the block floor will raise up.  Take out the two Koopas and hold your position.  The ceiling is dropping one more…which is good.  Let it go all the way down and you will find a secret door.
The secret door has two item boxes, one above the platform and one below the platform.  The top item box contains 2 stickers while the bottom item box is a trophy.  You can exit in and out to get them without being crushed by the closing walls.
Now let the ceiling continue to drop and then when it raises back up drop down through the platforms.  Snag the item box, but be careful not to drop into the pit.  Climb the ladder and you’ll find a series of blocks that move right to left.  The trick here is to jump in time with the blocks and not fall into a pit.  The item box only has Maxim Tomatoes, so you can avoid it if going for it means likely death.  This part gave me some trouble on the first go around (took out all 4 characters).  However, the second time through we fared much better.  You have to start back at the secret door, but it doesn’t take long to get to the scrolling blocks (provided you don’t get turned around and go backward like myself).  On the first try back Mario aced the test.  As you go left you encounter a few Goombas and some Hammer Bros before entering a door. 
Grab the key, clear the spike trap and flames and you’ll enter a new part of the cave.  Use the red switch to clear the poisonous gas. Take on two Koopas and then climb up.  Go left and you’ll battle some Paratroopas and a Shellpod.  Continue left and avoid a few Glires.
Jump up via the platforms and hit the switch to clear the poisonous gas…watch out as the ledge will collapse.  Get to the top and dodge a few Bullet Bills.  Take the top path and hit a switch to clear the gas…move quickly before the ceiling collapses and you will battle two giant Goombas.  Stay close to the switch to make sure you don’t have to loose health to the poisonous gas.  Jump onto the ferris wheel and dodge a few more Bullet Bills.
The next area will have you battle Hammer Bros, but be on the lookout for boulders.  Take the secret door above the giant Goomba to snag two trophies.  Come back through the door and drop down to defeat the giant Goomba and find the stage clear door.
This takes us to a cut scene where Bowser is caught by Mario.  Bowser lunges Peach’s trophy in front of him and prevents him from attacking.  Pit shoots an arrow at Bowser…it knocks the button off of Peach and sends Bowser reeling on his last leg…right into his Clown Car (Teacup).  Bowser laughs heartily and flies off towards the Halbred with Peach’s trophy in hand.  We can only assume that Luigi and Ness were overlooked in King DeeDeeDee’s chamber.  As Bowser escapes, Kirby heads over to the gold button that came off of Peach’s trophy and recognizes it as that of King DeeDeeDee.
After the stat screen we see the Ancient Minister deploy two more R.O.B.s and detonate a subspace bomb.  Ganondor watches this as Master Hand directs him to take action.
Trophies: Mr. Resetti, Staryu, Glire, Metal Gear RAY, and Blade Knight
Stickers: Young Cricket, Yellow Virus, Deku Nut, and Bowser
Progress: 29%

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