Monday, September 5, 2011

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 9: The Forest

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 9: The Forest

Part 9 of our Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary playthrough takes us to the Forest.  We are greeted by a cut scene where Link pulls a sword from a stump and walks past a sleeping Yoshi.  Right as he passes, the Halbred flies over head and primids descend. 
We selected to being with Link and the side-scrolling action through the forest begins.  We encounter primids and sword primids right off the bat.  Next up is a series of Puppits.  These are extremely annoying.  They descend on strings and swing long bladed hands at us.  If you don’t take care of them quickly you will find out that they can shoot lasers from their eyes!  They aren’t  as bad as the flows at the Ruined Zoo, but  they will definitely aggravate you.
If you backtrack to the left you will find a hidden door with a heart and daisy trophy.  Upon exiting the previously defeated boom primids defeat you and then as you ascend you will face more puppits.  If you drop down after the first few trees you can score another trophy.  After that the series of 2 ditches and 2 platforms is basically a nightmare.  Pass that and you can go through a door to a new section.
We jumped short of a platform and brought Yoshi into the mix.  We now find another new enemy, a trowlow.  These are a half bird and half mat if you will.   What they try to do is fly under you and fly upwards to take you off the screen and kill you.  They are easy to beat with Yoshi’s downward smash attack though.  At the next platform we face another multiman brawl.
Clear that and you’ll find more primids and some bomb blocks.  Be careful when you hit them as you can easily take the ground out from beneath your feet.  You should collect two healtmatoes and a trophy.  Jump to the next area and you’ll find a door. 
This door takes you to yet more side-scrolling where you will deal with primids and feyesh.  Next up we have more mites, again not too bad, but pretty annoying.  Now we find shellpods.  You can knock the shell off and make quick work of them.
We climb up and once again kill ourselves with a poor jump…only to do so again with Link!  Luckily Yoshi clears it on his second and our third attempt.  Immediately afterwards we loose ourselves in a bad camera run and Yoshi finds out how deep a hole is…
Link gets us through the rest of the level and they track the Halbred over a canyon bluff.  This completes the stage.  This one really isn’t bad and should be done with one life…we lost all of our lives with incredibly stupid and bad jumps.
We get another cut scene that seems like it is Snake, but it abruptly ends.  Yoshi and Link join our team and we are now at 20% completion!  It looks like we will head to the Research Facility for our next playthrough.

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