Monday, September 5, 2011

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 8: The Battlefield Fortress

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 8: The Battlefield Fortress

Part 8 of our Super Smash Bros. Brawl has us move onto the Battlefield Fortress.  We see 2 ROBs detonate a subspace bomb and Marth takes notice from a castle.  The Ancient Minister appears and Marth springs to action as Primids head towards his castle.
We head into the side scrolling platform and start battling Sword Primids, who we capture as a trophy.  We then encounter Armights, which seem to be flying blob like enemies with two swords, which they can and will throw from time-to-time. 
We then progress outside the castle and find more sword primids littering the landscape.  We got a light sabre which was nice for the extra length.  We took a door and wound up opening a drawbridge to outside the castle walls.  We face seveal Roaders, which are armored knights on two-wheels.  Naturally some spaaks show up as well.  We travel uphill and enter another door which opens a cut scene.  Meta Knight descends and attacks Marth.  The two engage in a sword fight until they are surrounded by Primids.  The two make the necessary decision to join forces and save themselves. 
As you know, with the Primids spawning from the Halbred, it makes no sense to have him be attacked by the primids…the plot has just thickened!
We continue the side-scrolling with Marth and Meta Knight and deal with Buckots, which dump stuff from overhead.  After that, more Sword Primids appear.  This clears the level, but we continue on to battle even more primids, some with laser guns.  We then meet Autolances, who are shy guy like enemies on tracted wheels and a large lance.  We then get into an auto scroll scene and wind up at the end point of the scrolling in a multiman brawl.  After taking out the gleam we can clear the gap and continue our battle. 
After that we jump to a platform and have tons of Feyesh, primids, and armights to contend with.  This takes us to a door and a mine shaft.  After the first spiked wall there is a door that leads to a secret area…you can go thru and collect the Kracko trophy.
We drop down and find mine cars.  You will want to watch for ! points to bail out and spiked walls at the end of the tracks.  Back in the mine we face another multiman brawl with buckos, sword prmids, and scope primids.  This will get us to a mine car sequence that will take us to the exit.  Sadly, Meta Knight bailed and came just short of the platform.  We had to replay that portion after continuing but managed to get out successfully.
This takes us to a cut scene where Marth and Meta Knight attack the ancient minister.  Marth’s attack is dodged, Meta Knight gets shot down, and then Ike appears to get a surprise hit on the Ancient Minister.  This this takes us to more side scrolling action and lots of primids.  Shortly after we meet Nagagogs, which are strange enemies that get bigger as you get subsequent hits onf them…seems to be blue, yellow, then red before they are defeated.
This brings yet another cut scene where Meta Knight, Ike, and Marth head to a cliff and see the Ancient Minister escape.  This successfully clears the stage.
Now we are taken to a cut scene where Luigi encounters Waddle-Dees.  King DeeDeeDee then catapults him and turns him into a trophy.  Wario then appears and DeeDeeDee hides.  He sees the Luigi trophy and adds it to his hovercraft.  The WaddleDees stop Waluigi while King DeeDeeDee drives off with Waluigi’s trophy collection.
Marth, Meta Knight, and Ike join up with our team.  We are now 18% complete.

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