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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Playthrough Part 14: The Ruins

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Playthrough Part 14: The Ruins
Part 14 of our SSBB SEE Playthrough has us head to The Ruins.   You can select between Pokemon Trainer and Lucas; I went with Pokemon Trainer.  The music here is pretty interesting.
Head left and take an elevator down.  Jump in the mine car and you will drop down quite a mine shaft.  Take care of the most annoying enemy in the world and then backtrack to hit the switch that opens the door.  You’ll encounter a ton of Mites and a few Jyks.
Jump up to a platform that descends from the ceiling and you can snag a trophy.  Drop down, kill the Borboras and a few more Mites.  Continue right and dodge the rising floor.  Proceed carefully as the Glires are atop a platform just above a large spike trap.  Speaking of spike traps, as soon as you jump up you will have to clear a field of three that drop and rise. 
Enter the revolving platforms and you will have to battle Floows and a Roturret.  This area is really difficult, given the damage each is capable of inflicting.  You can just by pass them, but I had to see what could be earned by defeating them all….which was not much.
Drop down you will see two switches.  The one on the right reveals a secret door.  This area is auto scrolling and you basically just have to clear the flames, Jyks, Mites, and more…There is an item box with a trophy up top.  Head all the way right and hop on a dropping platform.  Dodge the blades and ice crystals.  There will be a few enemies that come along as well.  Take the door on the platform to a door and grab two stickers from the first item box…go to the right corner and you will score a heart container.
As you exit you will drop to the bottom and some giant Bytans will join you.  Clear them to advance and take care of the Glires.  This now opens to another cut scene.  Pokemon Trainer picks up a trophy of Ivysaur.  You come back to an auto scrolling platform where you will have to face an Autolance and several Armights.The platform scrolls farther right for a showdown with more Armights and Borboras.  As soon as it moves a hair right  you’ll face more Armights and Shadyas.  Continue right and move quickly to clear the stone doors.
Progress up and to the right and you will encounter some more Bytans.  Keep hitting the switches and moving right.  Continue on to the Roturret and drop down to the Secret Door.  The two item boxes up top will yield you 2 stickers and a trophy.  Come back out and eliminate the Roturret.
As soon as you move right again you will encounter Shadyas and a Towtow.  Take the door and you will be battling Charizard.  He is tough in that he has great recovery.  We got lucky and nailed him with a Bob-omb.  This turns Charizard into a trophy that Pokemon Trainer collects (gotta collect them all, lol).
We now clear the stage and head to the stat screen.
Trophies: Jill, Floow (Finally got it!), HM Mech Rosa
Stickers: Papa, Lantern, Kamek, Kamek, The Black Knight, Wrinkly Kong, Banana Coin, Yellow Virus, Welsh Corgi, Kyogre, Gulpin
Progress: 31%

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