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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Supbspace Emissary Part 30: Subspace, Part 2

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Supbspace Emissary Part 30: Subspace, Part 2

Part 30 of our SSBB SSE Playthrough has us continue in Subspace.
This time around our only playable character is Kirby.  He was able to awaken after Tabbu obliterated the forces.
As soon as you enter, jump up and grab the Princess Peach Trophy.  Continue right and deal with some Bombeds and Feyesh.  Clear the mine trap and you can pick up the Princess Zelda Trophy.  Try to clear a few mines to get the item box in the middle of the mine circle.  Continue heading right and clear more mines to nab the Meta Knight trophy.  Rather than tackle the Sword Primids go for their spawn point.  Drop down, take care of any remaining Sword Primids and hit the item box for a trophy.
Move back up, take out the Scope Primid, grab his sticker, then enter the door.  Hit the red Bomb Block to drop down and pick up the Link Trophy.  Break the left Bomb Block to drop down.   Break this left Bomb Block to nab the Yoshi Trophy.
Drop to the third platform and hit the Bucculus to score a Maxim Tomato.  Break the right Bomb Block to grab Lucario’s Trophy.  Drop down to a 5-tier platform an you will battle Spaak’s Fire Primids, and Armights.  Defeat them all to earn an extra continue.  Move quick because as soon as you pick it up you’ll start an auto-scrolling sequence.
Only take on the enemies you can, focus on staying on screen.  When you stop you will battle an Autolance, Primid, and Scope Primid.  Watch out for the Autolance as it can KO Kirby fairly easily.  Defeat them all and continue rightward.  You will see an ROB trophy right before a door.
This door takes you to an area with Shellpods and sleds.  Avoid the sleds.  Jump up and use the pink button to break ice blocks and get the Ice Climber Trophy.  The item box will have a CD.  Contine up and right until you can hit the pink button and land Marth’s Trophy.  Take another step right and you’ll have to deal with two spawn points for Bytans and of course a Roturret.  Try to get the spawn points and then the Roturret.
Take the Golden Steps up and prepare to Battle Tickens and the Gamyga.  I’d suggest to go for the Gamyga first, and then the Tickens…maybe just jump to the right of the Gamyga to help it out…defeat it and collect two stickers.  Continue right and you will land Wario’s trophy.
Enter the stage door and you will see Ganondorf’s Trophy…Bowser rushes in to abuse it.  This is cut short as King Dedede comes in to hug Kirby, quite an uncommon sight.  He drags Kirby towards the staircase.
Link and Zelda activate Ganondorf’s trophy and point him towards the staircase.  Ganondorf is angry, but heads on anyway.
We now see Wario come in to take down King Dedede, who jacked his hovercraft.  He is then stunned to see Luigi and Ness, last known to him to be trophies, help King Dedede up.  They point him towards the staircase and after thinking things out and of course, picking his nose, Wario hops on his bike and motors up the staircase.
This clears the stage.
**Please note that I went back to clear to get Mr. Game & Watch who was in Part 29: Subspace, Part 1.  I showed where he was located, how to obtain his trophy, and then the epic bonus footage of Kirby vs. Bowser in a David vs. Goliath showdown…which turned out to be one of the easiest Knockouts I have ever had, especially in the Subspace Emissary…I might make it a stand-alone at some point in the future, lol.
**I would also like to clarify that the Green Flags indicate a stage is clear, but not complete.  The flashing crowns indicate the stage is 100% Complete.  I had looked it up online and read the opposite.  With my firsthand experience I can vouch for crowns=complete and flags=go back.
Trophies: Great Fox
Stickers: Kirby, Morris, Bullfrog, Stafy, and Free Ranger
Music: Termina Field
Progress: 69%

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