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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 27: The Subspace Bomb Factory Part 2

Part 27 of our SSBB SSE Playthrough sees us pick up with the Subspace Bomb Factory.  You get to select 4 characters from Donkey Kong, Captain Falcon, Diddy Kong, and Olimar.
Head right and battle the ROB and Autolance.  Advance to find an ROB Launcher and then another Autolance…I found out that Autolances can shoot upward and at an angle…you learn something new every day.  I cleared all the boxes and of course found NOTHING.  Time your next jump based on when you can clear the Jyks.  Take out the ROB Launcher and then drop down to hit the Bomb Block, but be quick to jump up or loose a life, like we did.
The next platform triggers a multiman brawl with several ROB Launchers and then some Metal Primids and an Autolance.  The cameras here suck.  When you jump to a rolling platform and the camera stays centered, it is hard to keep up with your character!  Clear this and head right.  One of the platforms has a hidden door.  Enter it and jump up to find two Item Boxes containing 2 stickers and 2 heathmatoes.  Hit the top spring and a trophy will fall down.  Exit the hidden area and jump right, dodging the spikes, and you will find another door.
Enter the door and try to take care of, or dodge the buckots.  The converyor belt moves left to right and features dropping spike walls to complicate your journey.   As you continue right you’ll find a door that has to be triggered by a series of colored switches: Red, Blue and Green.
Go up and you will find the Red Switch.  Make sure to drop down quickly to avoid the descending spikes.  Jump up and to the left to trigger a multiman brawl with Floows and an Armight.  Clear that, head left, and hit the Blue Switch.
Drop down, continue right and you will find the Green Switch.  Head back left and climb the ladder…now you can enter the previously locked door.
Then the headset fell off…my apologies there.
Head right and take out the ROBs.  Proceed carefully as the engine room we are in has blue flames that have a long duration.  You’ll find a pink switch to kill it to the left.  Head right and climb the ladder to hit another switch that will drop blocks.  If you go left you can find another Item Box that contains a CD.
If you didn’t move quick enough you’ll have to make a long jump down.  Climb the ladder and take the dropped down blocks.  This triggers a battle with Bytans.  Take the next ladder down to avoid the blue flames...skip the sled and take the following ladder up to hit the pink switch.  Now take the sled to expedite your journey ahead of the flames kicking back on and burning you.  You’ll get thrust to a platform that triggers a brawl with a Bytan. Once the upward motion comes you battle Fire Primids and more…continue up as the walls open again and take the ladder.  To your right you’ll find a locked door.  Head back left and break the farthermost block to find a key.  Pick it up, clear the jumbo Bytans, and head to the door. 
Continue right and you are taken to a cut-scene.
Donkey Kong knocks on the door, thus knocking it down lol, and we see Samus and Pikachu.  That’s right, DK and the crew have made it to where Samus and Pikachu had found the Ancient Minister.  Gannondorf appears in holographic form and commands the ROBs to detonate the bombs.  The Ancient Minister moves to stop them, but Gannondorf makes them head for the bombs anyway.  The Ancient Minister pulls two of them off, and then an angered Gannondorf has the ROB Sentries shoot him with lasers.  This catches his clothes on fire and the ROBs head to activate the Subspace Bombs.
Our heroes try to keep them from detonating the sequence, but make no progress.  Gannondorf laughs with delight and sends in an army of Auroros to combat our heroes.  The Ancient Minister begins shooting them out of the sky and then the veil of clothing comes off and he is revealed as R.O.B.  You can now select 4 out of the 7 brawlers.
You begin with a flurry of Auroros and Primids.  Soon after Tickens come in and we see Sword Primids and Scope Primids drop in.  The next entry is a Floow.  Try to get them out as soon as possible.  Next up is a trio of Nagagogs.  Clear them and you’ll face a flock of Auroros and then more Sword and Scope Primids.  The final two enemies are Armanks.  These are kind of a pain to battle, and they KOd ROB.  Captain Falcon came in to try and finish them off and made a lot of progress before getting KOd.  Samus entered and finished them off.
We are now taken to another cut scene where we see virtually every ROB Sentry ready to detonate the Subspace Bombs.  Our heroes take off to evade the imminent blast.
You can one again select 4 of the 7 for this escape.  You drop down a chute and have to drop down as the camera auto-scrolls.  Once again I had heck getting the characters to drop down.  Clear the first portion and then pay careful attention to where the spikes are and what path to take.  This will put you on a platform below blue flames.  Drop down and use the rising purple platforms to navigate your way down.
Take the doora nd drop down…try to avoid the mines as best you can.  Note that these purple platforms don’t go up.  Head down and deal with the Fire Primids and Mites as you use ladders to clear everything.  Continue down and following the direction the camera scrolls.  Take the next door down.  There is an Item Box on the Right with a Heart Container…a tell-tale sign of a boss battle!
I ended the playthrough here to prevent loosing the audio file…I started the new recording to find that it was indeed a boss battle, but it went pretty quick.  Since it played out in that manner I just spliced the two parts together.  I was under the impression the Subspace Bomb Factory was much more difficult and more time consuming than this…Anyway, back to the battle at hand.
After you’ve collected the Heart Containers from the Item Box, drop down the shaft.  This triggers a cut-scene with all 7 Brawlers heading for Captain Falcon’s ship.  They board and blast out of the Subspace Bomb Factory, but Meta Riddley shows up!  You can once again select your 4 favorite brawlers.  I went with the characters I ha he best luck jumping with.
The catch here is that you only have 2 minutes to defeat him.  This tells me I need to forget about defensive strategies and dodging his attacks and just focus on doing as much damage to him as possible.  R.O.B. is a great choice to battle him because of his hover ability.  I lost R.>b with about a minute left.   Captain Flacon came in and did a nice job finishing him off…we even had 18 seconds to spare, lol.  Go ahead and run around as I think I heard myself pick up a trophy or sticker.  This defeats Meta Ridley and got our band of 7 out just ahead of the explosion.
As Captain Falcon’s ship blasts off we see the Subspace Bomb suck in the surroundings and turn it into a void.  Falcon pilots the ship to the canyon area where he lands with the Halbred just ahead of Mario’s group.  This successfully clears the Subspace Bomb Factory and sets us up for the Entrance to Subspace.
Trophies: Smart Bomb
Stickers: Manaphy, Golden Fox, Gracie, Young Cricket, NingyourKouchuu Vigaru
CDs: Rainbow Road (It is a road it is the Rainbow Road, lol)
Progress: 57%

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