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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Playthough Part 12: The Path to the Ruins

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Playthough Part 12: The Path to the Ruins

Part 12 of our SSBB SSE Playthrough sees us head over for The Path to the Ruins. 
I mentioned that the flashing crowns indicate you are missing something and the green flags indicate you have missed something…that is wrong!  I looked it up and that is what I saw…I found out later on it is the opposite that is true…Green Flag=100%, Flashing Crown=Miss.  That will definitely be helpful to you.
We resume play with Pokemon Trainer and Lucas.  Charizard is spotted flying in to the ruins and the duo head off after him.  I selected Pokemon Trainer and Squirtle encountered Shellpods and Jyks.  We continue right and enter a multiman with Shellpods and Puppits.  The more I use Squirtle the more I am liking him.  He isn’t my strongest character, but he gets the job done.
Continue right and drop down…Primids follow immediately.  Jump up and break the bricks to find an item box….it is just a lot of food.  Head right and press up to take the elevator.  We arise up to take on a Gamyga Base and Gamya (the head).  There is one on the left and on the right.  These are like a carnival’s version of a totum pole and prove to be fairly cumbersome to defeat (they  shot lasers from their eyes).  Continue right and take on a few Puppits.  Drop down the second from the farthest left pit and you will find a secret door.  Take this door to find a room full of bricks.
(Once again, the Wiimote only is annoying as it is hard to jump and not “open” the door.  Break the bricks carefully and you can collect2 trophies, 2 stickers, and a cd.  Climb back up and you’ll be greeted by re-spawned enemies.  Head right and collect another cd from the item box.  Enter a door and you’ll head to a volcano scene.  Clear the lava pit and you’ll be dealing with Fire Primids and fire coming from the ceiling/floor.  The good news is the red switches will temporarily put everything out.  Make good use of your time to clear the impacted areas.  Continue right being careful with your surroundings.  Take on a few Armights (the ones with an annoying laugh).  Don’t take the downward path, double jump up and collect another CD from an item box.  Go ahead and drop down the tunnel.
Go left and you’ll earn another life and just have one Puppit to contend with.  Come back to the right and you’ll have to face a few Primids and Glires.  Defeat them all to open up the right wall.  I went ahead and wasted the health to get a trophy.  Head right and you will have a battle with Nagagogs.  The good news is they drop a ton of food and a sticker.  Head right again to find….yes, another multiman brawl.  You have Fire Primids, Scope Primids, and a Glire or two.
Continue right for a platform battle with Armights and a hoard of Glires.  Defeat them all and continue on your way right.  There is another elevator.  Go left to pick up two stickers from an item box.  The door on the right will take us to another area…this time you walk right through it and encounter Wario.
This pits Lucas and Pokemon Trainer in a standard brawl against Wario.  I went with Pokemon Trainer and Squirtle .  Wario really didn’t put up much of a fight.  Just for kicks I grabbed the fan and went after him…this took Wario up to 541% damage…I then got bored and just finished him with a smash attack.  Lucas looked around and was sad Ness wasn’t with Wario.  Pokemon Trainer consoles him and then we hear a grunt from the ruins.
After the stat scene we are taken inside the Ruins where we see the King DeeDeeDee place buttons on Peach, Ness, and Luigi.  The collapsing ceiling knocks out King DeeDeeDee.  Soon after Bowser and an army of his minions is casing the place…Bowser spotted Princess Peach’s trophy.
Trophies: Golem, Magnezone, Paper Peach, Primid, Glire
Stickers: Papa, Daisy, Chef, Starship, Weavel, Item Box, Young Cricket, Captain
CDs: Vs. Marx, Chill
Progress: 27%

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