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Super Smash Bros Brawl Supbspace Emissary Part 20: Outside the Ancient Ruins

Super Smash Bros Brawl Supbspace Emissary Part 20: Outside the Ancient Ruins

Part 20 of our SSBB SSE Playthrough has us pick up the action “Outside the Ancient Ruins.”  I briefly re-hash loosing audio in Part 19 “The Research Facility.”  We see Pikmin covering an ROB who executes a spin-move and throws them off.  Olimar is seen for the first time and a little unsure of the ROB.  Luckily, Captain Falcon zooms in and saves the day.  That ends the cut-scene and we now start the stage.
I have to say this level’s background and music does give it an authentic “Ancient Ruins” vibe if you will.  The background, flooring, and music do an excellent job creating the targeted feel.  Speaking of backgrounds, if you pay careful attention at the start of the stage, you will see Olimar’s ship parked amongst the trees!  It is little details like this that often go unnoticed, but are very nice for those who pick up on them.
Anyway, we encounter some ROB Sentries and ROB Blasters as well as our ubiquitous 3 AM text message, lol.  If you get to the bridge, you can drop down and access a hidden door…just take out the Shell Pod.  Note I said drop down.  Captain Falcon can execute this flawlessly, even with an item in hand…it really does baffle me as to why some characters I can have do this simple action with no issue and others seem incapable of executing one of the most basic commands in the game…oh well.
As for the door…very unique set-up for this one.  As you drop down, a trophy falls just a little bit after your descent starts.  You can “fast fall,” land, and then jump across the gap before it disappears or you can do like I did and just grab it and try to recover; As you can see, that didn’t work out so well for me, lol.  On the bright side, Olimar is now in the action for the first time…let’s see what he can do.
Exit out the door and get ready for the Shell Pod to re-spawn.  Take care of it and climb back out.  As you progress across watch out for a Roader and ROB Blaster.  You can hit the high Item Box and land another trophy.  Continue right and have fun with yet another Gamyga Base.  Try to take care of it from the left side as Auroros are to the left.  The first Auroro drops a trophy base if you can land one of them or a Roader.  Climb the ladder and prepare for a multiman brawl.  There are Auroros, ROB Blasters, ROB Launchers, and a Shell Pod.  You can pick up two trophy bases here, but it is hard to pick them up and avoid damage before getting off a clean throw.  I actually tossed one right at an enemy and it just disappeared. 
Get over that disappointment and go right…prepare for yet another Gamyga Base.  But before you do, jump to the bricks and enter the door to land 3 Trophies in the Secret Door.  Simply jump across, pick up the Item Box to the Left, move right to grab the Trophy on the dropping blocks, and then jump up, hit the last Item Box, and snag it before it drops. 
Exit out from the secret area and take out the Gamyga Base and a few ROBs.  Continue right through the Red Door.  This takes you to a cut scene where Falcon and Olimar emerge to see the ship hauling Donkey Kong’s trophy to the Research Facility.  Naturally it is trailed by Falco, Fox, and Diddy Kong.
Falco does a spin maneuver and drops Diddy Kong towards the ship.  Diddy uses his rocket launcher and peanut blasters to clear the deck of Primids.  He lands on board and touches the base of DK’s trophy, thus activating him.  Falcon nods in approval, grabs Olimar, and jumps down to join them.
I’ve got to admit, that cut scene was pretty awesome…the multiman brawl we just got into is even better!
You can choose any of the four in your desired order.  Naturally I had to pick the beast himself, Donkey Kong!
You start out and have the daunting task of eliminating 40 enemies!  There are primarily Primids, but there tend to be a few Scope Primids at either end of the ship.  DK was lost quick on a stage end, Diddy came in and made quick work of the deck, thus releasing Sword Primids. 
Next up you will deal with Turlons, Bombeds, and Shaydas.  Just be careful with the Shaydas, dodge the bombs from the Bombeds and then work carefully around the Shaydas. 
The next series sees Spaaks, Sword Primids, and more Turlons.  Didy Kong was lost, but Captain Falcon came in to clear the deck.  The finale pitted us against three Metal Primids, which are obviously a little more difficult to KO.  We got a Metal Box and made quick work of them.
As they celebrate, Falco flies over head and gives a thumbs-up.  Just then things get dark as the ship has auto-piloted itself into the confines of the Research Facility, thus ending  the stage.
Trophies: Jameson & A.I.R.S, Hocotate Ship, F.L.U.D.D., Samus (Dark Suit), and Pirate Ship
Stickers: None
Progress: 44%

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