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Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Part 15: Basic Run Plus

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Part 15: Basic Run Plus
Basic Run Plus is just that, the Basic Run…Plus!  The Plus here however refers to the quiz that you take upon completing your route.   While you run, you will pass the 8-bit items, dogs, moles, Miis in bird suits, and more.  The trick here is to remember just what you see to earn up to 30 bonus points…a huge boost to make any good score a great score!  Let’s check it out:

Basic Run Plus: Short Routes
Route 1: Tan Cat, Green Collar:: This route takes us on the dirt track loop from the stone center, past the falls, under the fallen tree, past the cabins, and then down to the stone center to finish.  You need to make note of the 8-bit Goomba, the number of dogs you pass towards the end, and the 8-bit Mario on the stone circle.   Be very careful coming down the hill of the cabins as it is extremely easy to miscount the total number of dogs.  We netted 63% with 30% bonus for a total of 93% and a 3-Star Ranking.
Route 2: Gray Cat, Blue Collar:: This route swings to the left and up onto the rooftops, with our end destination of the Queen Peach.  Make sure to count the flags, note the 8-bit Goomba, any Miis on or at the end of the rooftops, the number of dogs down by the docks, and the mushroom on the queen peach.  We netted 77% on our run with 30% bonus from the quiz which was good for a 107% 4-Star Rank.
Route 3: White Cat, Blue Collar:: This is the final route for the Short laps.  This cat appears near the falls and will run up and across the downed tree and bring us back to the falls for the finish.  You’ll want to pay attention to the mushroom by the tree, the number of moles behind the mushroom,  fire flower Mario near the trees, and dogs as you near the finish line.  We managed to score a 73 with 30 bonus points for a 103, 4 Star Rank, and calorie incinerator label.   Our personal best remains a 146%.
These routes will burn roughly 10-15 calories over 2-4 minutes depending on your pace.
Basic Run Plus: Long Routes
Route 1: Gray Cat, Green Collar: This is the first route for the Long Routes.  As you begin be careful not to go too fast and pass your guide cat.  As you progress you will see flags, and then an 8-bit Mario along the river banks.  We run along the docks, and then by the basketball courts where you should see a Star.  We then head to the center city and see Fire Flower Mario in the fountain.  The cat takes us up one ramp, down the other, back past the fountain, to the clock tower, and then to the edge of town on the asphalt. You’ll see several dogs here and then you break off to the left and climb the lighthouse hill to the finish line.  Our pace netted a 71% and with our 30% bonus we mustered a 101% good for 4-Stars and Calorie Incinerator.
Route 2: Black Cat, Blue Collar:: This cat will come right before 8-bit Mario in the river bank.  Make sure to pay attention to the flags you see before you jut to the right.  Our next sight to see is the number of moles in the field.  Once we pass the moles the cat takes us towards the tunnel where you will see a pack of dogs.  As you enter the tunnel pay attention for a birdsuit or Mii and what color they are wearing.  In the tunnel we’ll spot a mushroom before heading up the diamond plate ramp.  Once out of the tunnel you round the bend and cross the finish line on the overlook point.  We scored a 123% and got 205 for a bonus which gave us 143% for a 4-Star, Calorie Incinerator.
Route3: Tan Cat, Blue Collar:: This cat comes right before the docks.  Make sure to note the number of flags and Mario in the riverbanks BEFORE you follow this cat.  We run on the ocean side of the basketball courts and then meander through town where you see another Mario on the bowling alley.  We then pass the fountain with Fire Flower Mario and are promptly greeted by a pack of dogs.  As the cat takes you up the ramp it will go back down the other ramp and then up the stone walkway to the wooden rafters.  You’ll pass another Fire Flower Mario and then cross the finish line atop the roof looking towards the clock tower.  Be sure to check for Miis and people in birdsuits as you climb the roof.  Our efforts landed 92% and a 30% bonus for 122% and yet another 4-Star Calorie Incinerator label.
These routes will burn around 20 calories and have you spend on average 3-6 minutes.  My personal best is still at 188% for the Long Routes.
Basic Run Plus: Island Lap Routes
Route 1: Black Cat, Green Collar:: This route is the base island lap route.  The cat will take you around the island on the paved road, just like on Free Run and Basic Run’s Island Lap Route 1.  You’ll want to count flags as you progress throughout this run, particularly before you hit the tunnel.  An 8-bit Mario adorns the center post on Ol’ Iron Sides.  Coming down the bride you’ll likely see more flags up to a bit past the hotel.  Slow down just before the hotel to avoid passing your guide and following the new cat.  In the paved tunnel you sometimes see Miis that you’ll have to account for later.  A few steps out of the tunnel and you’ll need to account for the pack of dogs.  When you drop down towards the cove you will see the 8-bit Koopa.  Things are pretty quiet until we pass the light house.  On that downhill stretch be sure to watch for a standalone Mii or someone in a birdsuit.  That is really all there is to this route.  Our efforts managed to score a 137% and with the 30% bonus we netted 167% good for a 4-Star Rank and Calorie Incinerator.
Route 2: White, Tan, and Black Spotted with Blue Collar:: Once again, before following this cat, note the 8-bit Mario and account for all the flags.  The cat actually comes right before the hotel and will head off to the left.  We don’t have much action until we hit the bridge.  With the lack of people around the goal is to account for any Mii that you might see.  This varies from time-to-time, but if things are desolate, take note and keep your guard up!  After the bridge we run left through the rocks and you should see the Star on the rocks and then make note of how many moles you see.  We make a jump off the field and then travel through the windmill field.  The route now goes up the paved road towards the ruin.  We head left and climb the dirt road that leads to the temple.  When climbing, feel free to slow down to help count the total number of dogs.  As hard as it is to believe, that was all there was to see.  We crossed the finish line, netted 30 bonus points to add to our 155% for a 185% good for a 4-Star Rank and Calorie Incinerator.  This is sadly the only additional route on the Island Lap circuit.  The bonus here is that all of the cats you see in the game show up at the end and circle your Mii upon completing this route…a nice touch in my opinion.
These routes burn about 35-50 calories and consume 6-10 minutes.
Overall, I think the Basic Run Plus is a nice change of pace, but I honestly prefer the plain, old Basic Run.  Anytime you feel you are growing tired of the Basic Run, go ahead and run the Training Plus routes for a while and have fun with the quizzes. 
More impressively these runs wrapped up our Wii Fit Plus Playthrough.  Every exercise, every setting…I enjoyed recording this Playthrough/Walkthrough and hope that you enjoy watching it and that I might be able to help or inspire some folks.  As always if you have any questions or comments post up!  I will do my best to respond/answer.  I highly recommend Wii Fit Plus to anyone with a Wii…it is a true original and sparked the “exergaming” craze that we still see today!

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