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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 6: The Lake

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 6: The Lake

Part 6 of our Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Playthrough sees us move from The Plain to The Lake.  Diddy Kong opens up running to the shores ofa lake where he sees Fox’s crashed starship.  Rayquaza appears and spits fire at Fox’s ship, then picks up Diddy Kong.  Fox saves Diddy and lands a blow on the dragon.  You can then select which character you’d like to be and battle the dragon, Rayquaza.  He is technically the first “boss” and puts up a pretty good fight.  We lost Fox, but Diddy was able to finish him off.  After this Fox tries to leave, but Diddy drags him back to help in the quest to get Donkey Kong back. 
We now start the side scrolling portion of the level.  The music is really good and we advance through Goombas and Koopas.  The doors are now different colors and each one will have an impact on the environment.  We also see a new enemy, the Auroros.  These enemies look like harmless birds…and then they dive bomb you in the fashion of a spear.  Continue right and take the drop-off to a dark room.  To light things up you’ll have to do a smash attack.  You can now climb platforms and contend with Hammer Bros.  Get to the top and you’ll deal with a Borboas, Giant Goomba, and some Auroros.
As you continue right you’ll see a few TowTows you have to clear out…they look intimidating, but aren’t too bad to eliminate.  Break some blocks and you’ll be at another door.  It will take you to an area with Mites and Bucculus, which are extremely annoying.  They come out of the ground and latch onto you.
I had trouble figuring this out, but the upper door drops you down into a pit of fire regardless of if you enter when the door below is blue with a downward triangle or orange with an upward triangle.  About all that changed is the background color.  Climb up top and some Giant Goombas will appear.  Hit a bomb switch after defeating them and it will start the tunnel eroding at a high point.  I’m not sure of the sequence, but cycle thru the doors a few times (I think until the bottom one is orange again) and you’ll eventually get back to a point where you can dodge the Bucculi and hit a switch up top.  This clears the fire door and you can drop down and take another door. 
You come out and face a TowTow.  This opens another door and a raft sequence.  We lost Diddy here, but Fox came in and finished things up for us.  Follow the raft’s progression and enter the door floating in the air.  This will take you to a hidden object area.  Take care of it and exit back to the raft.
Continue coursing your way down the raging river and deal with the incoming Bullet Bills.  Once thru that potion a few Giant Goombas will appear.  Ride a few more seconds and you’ll be platforming again.  You take on Goombas and Koopas on your way to a few Hammer Bros.  Now make your way to a Barrel Blaster that will take you down to a battle against a dark and possessed looking bowser.  This is a pretty nice battle, but nothing to fret about.   Just use the typical strategies for battling King Koopa.  We finally KO this version of Bowser and find Diddy checking out the statue.  He touches it and Bowser reincarnates.  He begins shooting the trophy gun at Fox and Diddy Kong who bail off a very steep cliff.   That cut scene takes us to the end of the stage.
Fox has now joined our team and we are 13% complete.  We will pick up in Part 7: The Ruined Zoo.

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