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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Playthrough Part 15: The Wilds

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Playthrough Part 15: The Wilds

Part 15 of our SSBB SSE Playthough has us move on to The Wilds.
We open with a cutscene where Ike spots streaming thru the desert.  He springs to action and Meta Knight quickly follows suit…Marth scratches his head and follows suit.
Proceed right and deal with Scope Primids, Primids, and Buckots.  Upward smash attacks work best for eliminating the Buckots.  Move past the next platform and you’ll have to deal with a Gamyga.  Head to the ditch and you will have to move down quickly as the camera auto-scrolls.  Dodge the enemies, including the Trowlons that will take you quickly up, off camera, and to your death.  Get to the base and wipe out some Bytans.  Proceed carefully into this next area as a Roader or two will attack.
Once you are clear of danger jump up and smash the item box for a Heart Container.  Proceed out of the tunnel and jump up to find a Secret Door.  Move carefully here as a Buckot will zoom in from the right.  When you enter the door the lower Item Box will have 2 Stickers and the highest Item Box will have a Trophy.  Drop back down and continue right making note of the winds that push you back to the left.
Hit the bricks and Item Box to land another trophy.  Walk slowly right and avoid the mines.  Get to the end and begin your ascent up.  Go up cautiously as the Trowlons once again surface to wreak havoc on your climb.  Once at the top of the plateau you will have to take on an Armank.  It is amazing how easily they can be defeated sometimes…and how much of a pain they are others.  Drop off the plateau and be careful of the boxes that drop onto spikes.  Enter the door and continue
The door will take you to another side-scrolling portion.  Head right and you’ll deal with some Auroras, Mites, and Towtows.  Side note, this area reminds of Taz-Mania on Sega Genesis.  When you reach the next drop, be careful as boulders seem to randomly fall from the sky.  Make use of the platforms to avoid falling too fast and dying.  At the base you will have to battle Boom Primids and a few Big Primids. 
Enter this tunnel cautiously as Bombeds are littering it.  Do not get ahead of the camera or you will wind up in a barrel blaster and be thrust to your death.  The lower Item Box has a Heart Container if you need it.  Work the barrels and you will find the best route is just to progress to the upper left as there is nothing else hidden.  Launch into the tunnel and head for the door. 
This door will take you into the ominous corridor featuring a lone Item Box with a Heart Container that makes you think you’ll be facing a boss battle…exit through the next door and those suspicions are confirmed!
Galleom is now ready for battle…select from Marth, Ike, and Meta Knight to battle this beast.  His attacks are fairly routine once you’ve battled awhile.  He likes to hop up and down.  He will step forward slowly if you are in front of him and tends to fall forward if you are standing still and he has just finished hopping.
He will lower and turn into a tank sometimes and as the damage increases he will start doing spins and throw punches more often.  Land another blow and he will jump off the plateau and inadvertently crash through the runs.
This completes the stage.
Trophies: Entei and Food
Stickers: Crazy Redd, Mew, Reaper & Reapette, Stapy, King Dodongo, Lon Lon Milk, Pit, King Zora
Progress: 33%

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