Friday, September 16, 2011

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Playthrough Part 11: The Lake Shore

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Playthrough Part 11: The Lake Shore

Part 11 of our SSBB SSE Playthrough takes us to the Lake Shore.  We see Kirby and Zelda overlooking the cliff and Kirby takes off running.  Next thing we know Zelda is shot by Bowser and turned into a trophy.  Zelda takes on her primid form and takes aim at Link and Yoshi running in the plain below.  Pit came in and destroyed her trophy gun…the stage is now set for Mario and Pit vs Zelda.
This is just a standard brawl, but once again it is complicated by the rather poor cameras.  You can knock Zelda off the camera and yet she is still on the screen…I’m not one to explore the length of my chain trying to score a KO.  The good news is the battle is fairly straight forward and the background is vivid and the music is awesome.
Mario and Pit defeat Zelda only to have Link and Yoshi rush in to battle them (Link clearly spotted the Zelda trophy and assumed Mario and Pit were responsible for her current condition).   You select between Mario and Pit but get to go at it in a 4-player multiman brawl.  I had some trouble landing my smash attacks on Link, but luckily Pit proved to be very efficient.
Mario and Pit see King DeeDeeDee show up on Wario’s hovercraft and he rushes in to pick up the trophy of Zelda.  Kirby shows up on the hovercraft, knocked off and saved Link and Yoshi and then the entire gang took after King DeeDeeDee.  You now select 4 of 5 for the good ol’ platforming action.
We encounter some Bombeds and learn to deal with them.  Greap shows up on the floating platform and complicates things.  We lost Mario and Yoshi on the platform and then Kirby brought it down and entered a door.
This one took us to an auto-scrolling portion with rising and falling platfoms where we had Kirby get caught behind by a Bucculus and then Link get too far ahead with a sled.  We had to continue, but the good news is we have Mario back in the saddle.  He made it through the exact same portion with no damage whatsoever.   We then lost him right before an item box…which you can not go back for.  Yoshi took over and entered a tunnel where they find DeeDeeDee’s (well Wario’s) hovercraft.
You can select 4 of 5 characters and drop down into a mine-shaft.  There is an item box in the left corner just above where the minecar crashes into the water.  You climb up and have to contend with a few Feyesh.  At the top you navigate a maze of raising and lowering doors.  Mite’s complicate things, but we pick up a key and go to the top.  We defeat a Shaydas and enter a secret door.  There are two item boxes, the top a trophy and the bottom a heart container.  We head back in and clear a passage with the exploding bombs.  Continue right to enter a multiman brawl with Tickens and Feyesh at the three platforms.  Just when you think it is done 3 Shaydas appear.  Defeat them and head right ot the door.  You’ll find 2 trophies in item boxes and the final door.
This cut scene takes us to what looks like King DeeDeeDee’s castle with the Halbred overhead.  After the stats we get another cut scene with Ganondorf monitoring Bowser and a few Koopas and Goombas heading to create more havoc.
Trophies: Goldeen, Cargo, Putty
Stickers: Solid Snake, Galo Hawg
Progress:  25%

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