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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 33: The Great Maze Part 3

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 33: The Great Maze Part 3
Part 33 of our SSBB SSE Playthrough picks up with the Great Maze.  We just made it through Hyrule and found a save point.  I messed around with the teleporters at the save point and didn’t really make headway, so we just went back through the door.  We headed left, and this took us to “The Jungle.”
Once in, continue left, dodge the enemies above the swinging platforms and then take care of the Hammer Bros. and a few Bytans.  I got a trophy base and managed to snag one of the Bucculus.  We took the door and found ourselves in battle with none-other than Donkey Kong himself!  This was a cool stage because of the multiple platforms (six).  The battle is straight forward, just avoid DK’s power attacks and get in hits when you can.  Unfortunately we were stunned and got hit with a power move, loosing Mario.  Kirby came in and was helped by a Fire Flower, but was able to get him after a series of upward smash attacks.
As soon as we beat Donkey Kong we took the door to an area with all of the remaining trophies in it…I’m not quite sure why we didn’t battle anyone, but we headed back to the swamp and went down and left to yet another Boss Door.
This one took us to a showdown with Samus.  Kirby made quick work of her with the classic Bob-omb strategy!  As soon as we defeat Samus we were taken to a fading screen and emerged in the Research Facility.  Take out the Primids and continue left.  If you exit out of the door you will actually emerge back at the Swamp.  After my “research” on the door we came back to take on Sword and Scope Primids.  Sadly we lost Kirby, but Marth came in to continue moving rightward. 
When you get to the platforms that move “up” make sure not to stay put too long as they will continue to rise up into the blue flames.  Get the key, backtrack and take the elevator down to battle a Big Primid.  The door to your left will take you to a Save Point where you can reset your characters.  Come back and move right past the Big Primid and take the door to the left.  This takes you to a platform with a boss door.  In order to open the Boss Door you have to find the Red, Blue, and Green switches.  The Red Switch is up top…drop down and take the right door to find a very cool area with water and platforms.   Go all the way left to get the key.  Come back, take the locked door, hit the Blue Switch, and open the Item Box to find a Heart Container. 
Exit out, go to the right door and move all the way left to find the Green Switch.  Along the way you’ll have to deal with a conveyer belt, Mites, and more.
When you hit the Green Switch, you can take the Boss Door to the left to battle R.O.B.  This is a tough battle, but Marth made pretty quick work of him.  Come back in and drop down, then move left past all of the Primids, Buckots, and Mites.  IF you drop down and go right you will find an Item Box that contains the Star Rod trophy.  As I checked around for stickers, I found that the Mites were coming from a spawn point.  I took it out, and of course…got no stickers!  Exit back out, and you now have access to the previously locked Boss Door.
This one is actually a battle against Ridley.  The battle is exactly the same as it was before.  Your experience from the first few battles with Ridley will definitely be a plus.   Just try to dodge his attacks, and hit him when he is stationary.  Marth and Meta Knight both failed to defeat him, but Mario came in and finished him off…
This will drop you down to a cave like area.  Enter the door to the left of the ladder and save your progress!  I ended this segment here.
Progress: 76%
Bosses Battled: Donkey Kong, Samus, R.O.B., and Ridley

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