Thursday, October 6, 2011

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 35: The Great Maze Part 5

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Subspace Emissary Part 35: The Great Maze Part 5

Part 35 of our SSBB SSE Playthrough picks up right after we beat Bowser and Mario in the Cave portion of the Great Maze.  We picked back where we left off, and headed to the top door (where you battle Mario), and took off to the left.
You emerge from the Cave to the Canyon and have to deal with a Buckot and Big Primid.  You step out onto a series of platforms.  As you go up you’ll have to contend with Boulders.  You can sort of catch them before they fall and subsequently avoid them.  When you get to the top, continue left (can’t go right).  You’ll face a few pits and some Hammer Bros.  Take him out as soon as possible to deal with the Gyam Base.  The best strategy is to stand below it and jump attack it until it is gone.  Continue left and take the door.  This puts you out into the canyon with a strong wind blowing you back to the right.  Watch out for Turlows and the Roturret.  There are Bytans , Bombeds, Nagagogs, and Primids up ahead.
Drop down and enter the tunnel.  Be careful as the spikes will drop down, and then rise back-up.  Take this door and proceed left.   Take care of the Floows as best you can and ump to the next rock to deal with a few Armights.  We lost R.O.B, primarily due to the crappy camera and Kirby came in to finish them off and use the sliders to break the bomb blocks.  After the first few you’ll need to take out a Borboras, you should know my feelings on these by now. 
Continue left and watch out for the Buccului.  Get past them and take the Boss Door.  This will put you up against Galleom.  Kirby didn’t fare well against this heavyweight.  Fox came in and was KOd.  We continued and battled Galleom with a full fleet of four characters at max health.  This made all the difference.  Marth did quite a bit of damage, R.O.B. did the best he could, but Kirby came in to actually do a good bit of damage before getting KOd with his upper cut once again.  The good news is Fox made him look pathetic and quickly cleared the boss battle.
This put us out right near a save point.  We elected to save here and reset the characters for the next adventure.
Progress: 78%
Boss Battled: Galleom

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