Friday, September 21, 2012

Legendary Skylanders Giants

Here are some screen grabs of the new Legendary Skylanders for Skylanders Giants.  

We will see a Toys'R'Us Exclusive Triple Pack featuring: Legendary Ignitor, Legendary Slam Bam, and Legendary Jet-Vac.  (I actually just reserved this pack today! Thursday, September 20th, 2012).

Legendary Bouncer seems to be the only Giant coming in Legendary forum and he is believed to be the "TBD Giant" you earn the right to purchase with a TRU Giants pre-order.  

I also believe that Chill and Stealth Elf will come along later on, much like we saw with Legendary Trigger Happy.  I could be wrong, but it makes sense. I'd expect them to come at the midway point and then after that respectively.  As of right now it looks like Toys'R'Us will remain the Legendary headquarters here in the USA, but with Chill and Stealth Elf in the mix there remains the possibility that they "could" go money would still be on this remaining exclusive to TRU and other retailers getting special variants etc.

Legendary Chill

 Legendary Ignitor

Legendary Jet-Vac
 Legendary Slam Bam

Legendary Stealth Elf
 Legendary Bouncer

Note that I could not find a good picture of Legendary Ignitor, so I just have a place filler.



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