Friday, September 28, 2012

Skylander Giants Dragonfire Cannon Battle Pack at Toys'R'Us

How about a little something for those of you that loyally or somewhat routinely check the blog?  I do appreciate it and hope you find information or videos that are helpful, enjoyable, or maybe both!

That said, if you recall GameStop allowed pre-orders of what was believe to be an exclusive Battle Pack earlier in the summer.  It was the "Golden Dragonfire Battle Pack" 
I jumped on it just to avoid any hassles or drama that comes with not doing so.

Just today, Toys'R'Us sprung a listing for a Dragonfire Battle Pack.  Yep, same thing, minus the "golden."  The price is the same ($24.99) and at this point in time it is hard to know if the "golden" version will be different in game, or have better magical properties etc.

That said, if you are not a fan of GameStop...don't have a branch nearby, or are simply a collector who must have one of you go:

There is currently not an image, but I would have to suspect it to feature Chop Chop and Shroomboom (non-Light Core) as well as a non-golden Dragonfire Cannon.

Again, I can not attest to what the exact differences will be (aside from gold and not gold), but if you are in the market for it, now is the time to act!


  1. They deleted it off their site :( but at least mine arrived.

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    1. Congrats on getting it! You can get S2 Chop Chop leveled up in advance of Giants!

      I had already ordered the Golden version from GameStop or I would have sprung for this one. Would have been cool if GS had shipped it like TRU. There are so many variants this time around it is nuts.

      I didn't realize they had pulled it...I saw it earlier this week. Looks like you got it just in time!


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