Monday, September 24, 2012

Skylanders Giants Legendary Triple Pack: Toys'R'Us Reservation

Well, hopefully you aren't here to see the triple pack...not out yet!  (And since I am still getting asked this a lot...Yes, I will be doing the unboxing/review of all things Skylanders).

The Skylanders Giants Legendary Triple Pack will be a Toys'R'Us exclusive and feature Legendary Slam Bam, Legendary Ignitor, and Legendary Jet-Vac.  It is listed at $24.99 and you can reserve 2 of them through the TRU Hot Toy List.

That said, this post is going up for a reason...several of you have asked me how I pre-ordered (cough, reserved, cough) the triple pack at Toys'R'Us.

They have started a new deal for Christmas 2012 that is aimed at helping people avoid hassle and hopefully be able to afford the hottest toys for the holiday season...or in most of our cases, just ensure we actually get a triple pack of Legendary Skylanders without having to spend an extra 4 weeks and $150 in gas...

At this point no one really knows if this Triple Pack will come in and be like last year's Legendary Triple Pack where it comes in and is on the shelf through Black Friday and then disappeared for several months (prompting many to buy them at crazy prices online (again DO NOT DO THAT!)), or if it will be like Legendary Trigger Happy and flood the store spilling into the bike section, Babies'R'Us, and out the back to the alley.

That said, as most of you veteran Skylander fans should now know, it is best to act in advance.  It provides peace of mind and honestly saves a ton of time and money.  For you parents that follow along, I'd suggest you cash in on this set-up to avoid having to resort to the shady waters of ebay.

This Legendary Triple Pack will again be exclusive to Toys'R'Us and if you are a fan of Slam Bam, Ignitor, or Jet-Vac this is a hot ticket item.  Honestly, those are 2 of my current favorites and despite most people leaning elsewhere, I think Jet-Vac is on pace to be among my top Skylander Giant figures!

But now that you have read all that, I guess I should provide the link and helpful insights...

Here you go:

That link SHOULD take you to the HOT TOY LIST on the TRU website.  Print it off and take it to your local store and present it to Guest Services.  You must put down 5% to reserve it, but you can also pay in full...take your pic.  There isn't really any benefit to shopping around since this is an exclusive and if you want a bargain on this pack you won't be getting it any time soon (try August 2013 perhaps, lol).

I was the first person at my local store not just to pre-order/reserve this Triple Pack, but to actually do anything with the Hot Toy List...I kind of had to explain it to the people...the asst. manager was clueless and so was the manager.  They were nice and took the time to figure it out...Apparently they will call me when the merchandise arrives.  For what it is worth, they did not take the 2 sheets I took in stapled...they just kept the stuff the register printed out...

Anyway, that is a lot to digest, but hopefully it helps you out and more importantly lands you, your kids, or a friend what is in my mind a pretty cool triple pack!  Good luck and I hope this helped you out!

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