Thursday, September 13, 2012

Blog Polls #31, 32, and 33: Skylanders Giants!

Top o' the mornin' to ya!  As I type this the Wii U Nintendo Direct shindig is going on in Japan...I have it on and have no clue what is going on...Anyway, here is something I do understand: Skylanders!

I have decided to open up 3 Skylanders Giants Polls!  Each of these polls will run right up until the day before release (10/21/2012 here in the US).  There should be plenty of time to vote and even change your vote if say a new trailer is released for a certain character that blows you away.

I will have my generic Giants Info post updated with pics and will then add trailers as they come available.  I might even make a video, although I know it will disappoint a lot of people with not having the figures/pictures etc.  I get a lot of questions on the character line-up and there is a large group of people that stick to YouTube and don't ever really skim the blog etc.

So all of that should be coming soon, but in the mean time you can cast your vote based on what you already know, what sounds cool, or what you know is going to be the hot ticket.

Blog Poll #31 asks, "What are You Buying for Giants?"

This is pretty straight forward as it is only applicable to the Starter/Portal Packs.  Here are your choices:

-Starter Pack: Game, Portal, Tree Rex, Jet-Vac, and Cynder S2
-Portal Owner's Pack: Tree Rex
-Both: You probably have multiple consoles, or are a certified Skylander nut
-Console and 3DS: You must have Punch Pop Fizz essentially

Blog Poll #32 is BIG and inquires, "Which Giant Do You Want the Most?"

-Swarm (Air)
-Crusher (Earth)
-Hot Head (Fire)
-Tree Rex (Life)
-Ninjini (Magic)
-Bouncer (Tech)
-Eye-Brawl (Undead)
-Thumpback (Water)

Similarly, Blog Poll #33 is scaled back, but asks, "Which New Skylander Do You Want the Most?"

-Jet-Vac (Air)
-Flashwing (Earth)
-Hot Dog (Fire)
-Shroomboom (Life)
-Pop Fizz (Magic)
-Sprocket (Tech)
-Fright Rider (Undead)
-Chill (Water)

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