Friday, September 21, 2012

Skylanders Giants Characters Grouped by Element

Here is a quick rundown "photographically" of the line-up for Giants:

The Giants

Thumpback, Bouncer, Crusher, Ninjini, Hot Head, Eye-Brawl, Tree Rex, Swarm

Chill, Drobot, Prism Break, Pop-Fizz, Eruptor, Hex, ShroomBoom, Jet-Vac

Air Element

Swarm, LightCore Jet-Vac, Sonic Boom, Whirlwind, Lightning Rod, Jet-Vac

Earth Element

Crusher, LightCore Prism Break, Terrafin, Bash, Prism Break, Flashwing

Fire Element

Hot Head, LightCore Eruptor, Ignitor, Eruptor, Flameslinger, Hot Dog

Life Element

Tree Rex, LightCore ShroomBoom, Stealth Elf, Zook, Stump Smash, ShroomBoom

Magic Element

Ninjini, LightCore Pop-Fizz, Spyro, Wrecking Ball, Double Trouble, Pop-Fizz

Tech Element

Bouncer, LightCore Drobot, Drill Sergeant, Trigger Happy, Drobot, Sprocket

Undead Element

Eye-Brawl, LightCore Hex, Cynder, Chop Chop, Hex, Fright Rider

Water Element

Thumpback, LightCore Chill, Slam Bam, Zap, Gill Grunt, Chill


  1. this looks awesome XD
    also u stuffed up a little with some of it like it said sprocket instead of bouncer ( in the top one ) and when it is bouncer it is bounder ( in the tech element ) , so please fix.
    also when r u doing a new skylander vid !

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    1. Thanks.

      Hmm, I didn't catch that when I posted it, lol...granted I was in a hurry. I will get it fixed this weekend as time allows. Thanks for catching it.

      I just put out two videos but neither is great...I'm very tired.

      I actually have some non-commentated Battle Mode fooage I might upload this weekend.

      I plan to start the blind playthrough of Giants Sunday or Monday...vids should follow soon after. I'm looking forward to it!


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