Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blog Poll #41 Results: How to Record Skylanders Giants Upgrades

Blog Poll #41 asked, "How Would You Like to See the Skylanders Giants Upgrades Recorded?"

Three options were given:

By Element (Giant, Newlander, S2)

Newlanders, Giants, Series 2


We had 95 Total Votes...

Almost half of you (48%, 46 Votes) voted for the Elemental Route.  That is, you would prefer to see all the characters in the Air Element, followed by all the characters in the Earth Element, etc.

Surprising to me, 34 of you, or 35%, wanted to just see things at random.

15 Voters, conveniently 15%, wanted to see thing structured by character type...Newlanders, Giants, Series 2 etc.

In the Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure playthrough I just did things as they came available. Once the game was complete, I focused on recording the final upgrades, or paths, and Soul Gems for everyone.

This time, in Giants, I was playing it safe in the event of any hard Heroic Challenges (ie Ninjini having something along the lines of Drobot or Double Trouble etc).  That coupled with the fact I was enticed by completing the game with "box stock" Skylanders led me to doing NO UPGRADES in the main playthrough.

I have started to upgrade a few of the Legendaries and a few of the base upgrades on the Series 2 Skylanders.

Obviously, the Newlanders and Giants are of the most interest because everything is "new."  However, the Series 2 Skylanders not only have WowPows to showcase, but give me the chance to explore the "other path" compared to what I picked in SSA with the S1 figure etc.

I think what I am going to do is something along these lines:

Upgrade the Giants
Upgrade the Newlanders

Randomly upgrade the S2 and then highlight their Path and WowPow....likely by element.

I think that pretty well covers a little of everything, so hopefully it will pan out well.

The plan is to include these in the SG Blind Playthrough, although the S2 stuff will likely happen during Nightmare Mode.  I just prefer that Nightmare Mode is straight through...ie we go from Ch 1-16 with no introduction or upgrade vids mixed in...

Hope that works for everyone...Thanks for voting!

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