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Skylanders Giants Unboxing Ninjini

Skylanders Giants Unboxing Ninjini

What?  Ninjini, Magic Element Giant

Where Did You Get It?

What Did It Cost?  $14.99 plus shipping

What is Included? Ninjini, Sticker Sheet, Web Code for Skylanders Universe

What Lights Up?  Her lower body illuminates a medium blue and her eyes light up white.  However, if you turn the lights out you will see that her face glows blue and her red hair shows up as well...Possibly the best light up effect in the game and no doubt one of the best hidden treats...You really can't see that the face and hair illuminate without turning the lights out!

What Was Stock Like?  She is in-and-out of stock on and Amazon regularly.  She is also showing up not only at brick-and-mortar GameStops, but Walmart,, Best Buy, and within a few weeks should be easy to find...I'd put her on the same time frame as Eye-Brawl and Thumpback.  She may have a wider audience though.  Nonetheless, hold out, be patient, and pay retail!

Quick Character Info :

Slogan: "Any Last Wishes?"

Card Stats:

Power/Strength: 100/1580
Defense/Armor: 100/150
Speed/Agility: 100/150
Luck: 150/150
Totals: 450/600

Skylanders Giants Ninjini Introduction and Heroic Challenge
Stats, Upgrades, Quests, and More



  1. Have you heard of Skylanders Swap Force yet? In the third installment of Skylanders, Activision is producing 16 new Swap Force Skylanders, 16 Core Skylanders and some other Skylanders from the SSA and SG games with new poses and wow pow powers. Swap force Skylanders are figures that come in two separate pieces. The top and the bottom of them. The top is basically how they attack and the bottom is how they move. With the new Swap Force Skylanders, you can put whatever bottom and whatever top you want to and create interesting warriors. They are connected by magnets and the new portal can tell whatever bottom and top you choose from the 16 Swap force Skylanders. 16 x 16= 256 possibilities! The 16 Core Skylanders are figures that are not able to swap. There is a new portal, so you will need to get the portal starter pack in order to play the game. Also, all previous Skylanders will work in the game. Some sources are saying that in the starter pack there will be Series 3 Stealth Elf and 2 Swap Force Skylanders Wash Buckler (a pirate octopus) and Magna Charge (A red one-eyed robot)

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    1. Yep, here is my blog link on it...Also have a character list. Haven't updated it in awhile:


    Above is a link to the Skylander Swap Force website

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  3. Hello, once again, I am busy.
    Whoa, you must be happy you got all these Skylanders. Nice job

    Oh, I would like to share a recommendation. You really should play The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. It is like the best game ever and my my first Zelda game! Oh, also, good luck on finding LC Pop Fizz, LC Hex, S2 Drobot etc.

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    1. I hear that...I've been swamped as of late myself.
      Thanks, I got lucky finding all 3 of the Magic Trio at they wouldn't have all been up at once, I don't think I would have ordered...I'm too cheap to pay shipping 3x, lol.

      Yeah, I have actually been wanting to pick it up...When they made it a Nintendo Select I have been waiting for a time to get one of the BOGO 40-50% off deals...I would already have it, but the couple of times it lined up, it was out of stock.

      I had planned to record Skyward Sword(actually did 8 parts or so), but it just dropped a ton of frames...that said, gameplay was great...

      Since you liked Twilight Princess I can only assume you'll like Skyward Sword and I have to recommend one of the best games of all time...The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Get it on the 3DS or Virtual is a masterpiece! I'd actually suggest it before Skyward Sword.

      Thanks...hope you can land them too. I feel like LC Chill and LC Pop should be out very soon. I'm thinking we will be waiting a bit longer for Hex and Drobot.

    2. I have been looking for an oppertunity to find Ocarina of Time a little cheaper, but I am not super lucky in finding such a deal. I got Skyward Sword, it was a good game, it is just that Twilight Princess had a better story and it had much harder enemies. The bosses were harder, however, compared to Skyward Sword.

      Good news, after all that thinking about getting Kirby's Dream Collection, I finally got it! I love the simplicity of old games, just something about it I enjoy.

      To round it all up, Twilight Princess is a great game and it is not only a gamee, but I take it as a piece of art in a way.

      Oh, it has been a while since you bought the Wii U. I would like to ask you how is Darksiders II? I have heard it is sort of like Zelda on the gory side. Are there possibly puzzles and a good story. And there is nothing disturbing, like a horror movie. I really can't take that kind of stuff

      Thanks a lot for everything


    3. In the first paragraph, I meant the bosses were harder in Skyward Sword than Twilight Princess

    4. Yeah, OoT is still full price on the 3DS. Target has a buy 2 get 1 Free this week if that helps. In terms of finding a used copy it is rough for the original stuff...that said, I'd imagine you could score a used 3DS copy for around $25-30.

      I will prob pick up Twilight Priness nexxt time I can catch a sale.

      Yeah, that is a nice package...I haven't gotten to spend much time with it, but they are some classic games no doubt! Kirby stuff is pretty unique and easy to pick up and play.

      In all honesty I was loving Darksiders II...all 1-2 hours I've spent with it :( I started playing, got busy, and haven't touched it since. So, I am not very far into it. As far as gore, I haven't really seen anything to right home about...But, I'm sure things might escalate as I play more. I've also yet to hit the "puzzle" elements, but I have heard basically the same report as you. I believe THQ kind of followed the Zelda format in terms of gameplay. If you can swing it, I think you would enjoy it...that said, the longer you hold out, the more likely you are to catch a price break!

      If I get to play more I will keep you posted.

      Skyward Sword is another one I need to get back into...just don't have much free time, esp with as time consuming as it is to upgrade/record Skylanders etc. If I wasn't doing that, both games would have been completed long ago, lol.

      In my weekly blog updates (don't always get to do them), I post what I'm currently playing and if I get back on DSII I'll try to highlight things.

      Ocarina of Time would be the safe bet, but I imagine you'd enjoy DSII as well.


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