Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blog Poll #45 Giant Upgrade Paths

Blog Poll #45 asks, "Which Upgrade Paths Do You Prefer for the Giants?"

The poll will run through April 11th, 2013 at 11:59 PM CST

The polls are on the Right Hand side of the blog, just below the Twitter feed.

Here is a video outlining the Poll:

And here are the potential paths:

Swarm: Barberous Avenger or Wasp Stormer

Crusher: Rock Grinder or Rubble Master

Hot Head: The Burninator or Oil Baron

Tree Rex: Treefolk Charger or Lumbering Laserer

Ninjini: Swords of Might or Ancient Djinn Magic

Bouncer: Robot Rocketeer or I-Beam Supreme

Eye-Brawl: Eye Brawler or Eye for an Eye

Thumpback: Anchors A-Yay or Up Close & Personal

Thanks in advance to everyone that votes!  I will likely upgrade my slew of Giants here in a few days and will hopefully have those vids up BEFORE the poll closes so those of you that have yet to upgrade will have a good look at the paths and can make the best decision to suit your play style.


  1. My favorite, as I've said, for Hot Head, was his Oil Barron path (first time I've taken one of my favs down the secondary rather than the primary, besides Flashwing, as you know), but the reason being was that I thought his flamethrower attack was pretty powerful in itself. Also, it's a blast playing with it in the challenges (bar DroBot's, mind you).

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    1. Yep, I may bust out the "spare" Hot Head and check that one out. That is kind of like Zook was for me last time. I felt like his primary attack was already so good, I should upgrade the secondary...great call! He is a beast on Floral Defender! Which do you prefer for Flashwing? I'll tech do both, but still, lol.

    2. Well, I've only done the Spin attack one, so I'll likely play around with her clone with the Shards, as she's fully leveled and then give Jade the path I prefer better.

      I was wondering when you did Dragon's Peak, could you do that one with just Dragons? I mean the second series ones, Flashwing (Jade prefered), and Sunbun, just for fun. :D

    3. Ah...if you get to it before I do, let me know how you like it. I'd like Jade to have the better path too! I actually think I will start recording them this weekend...it is supposed to be super windy, so all the car stuff kind of goes out the window.

      Well, I've already recorded it for this run (actually recorded it quite awhile back)...I honestly don't remember who I used but I feel like I had Sunburn and I know Flashwing in it...I may have only used dragons, I'll have to check...I should upload it this weekend if the weather cooperates.

      If I didn't use all dragons, I will in nightmare mode's run :D

    4. I found out two things while upgrading a few of my Skylanders in Giants:
      1) Flashwing's Primary path is quite a blast, and it looks like it might win out over the secondary attack one I did previously when it comes to Jade's path... but I haven't played it enough to know for sure.
      2) If you're still having issues getting Thumpback through DT's level, get his bite attack first. I just barely made it through it with him with it, but it was better than just him Box Stock.
      3) Ninjini's at the Pick-Your-Path, but I'm gonna see what path you go for with her, though I'm thinking her swords are WAY powerful enough without the upgrades, so she may go down path number 2.

      Thumpback I'm thinking of going down his secondary, and Eye-Brawl's still on the fence. Swarm is also the only other one I don't know which way he'll go yet.

      Hope that helps for some of the upgrades!

    5. Nice, I thought it looked good..I liked the whole part about them sticking and exploding!

      All the Giants have been cleared for upgrades :D I guess the chomp really would be his ONLY attack that wouldn't decimate things, lol.

      It looks like a ton more ple are going with her Sword Path...I might have to upgrade her with the basics and then pick.

      I have Thumpback slated for option 2 as well...The vomit one looks hilarious, plus just box stock I think his anchor is pretty solid. Base upgrades should cover the rest. On Swarm I kind of need to see what his swarm form is like with the basics before deciding too...I could see both being good based on the descriptions...but with that being a tertiary attack on Swarm Form, I have zero experience with it.

      I considered doing another TB, EB, and Swarm to cover 2x of the Giants, lol. I couldn't bring myself to it with Luigi's Mansion coming this weekend and trying to save money...The sale is nice though.


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