Sunday, March 24, 2013

Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon: SpotPass with Miyamoto

Sunday, March 24th, 2013 turned out to be quite the day...

I had long planned to pick up Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon on 3DS.

As anticipated, Toys'R'Us put on a "Buy One, Get One" 40% Off Sale.  I can't think of the last big release I wanted that didn't have this going on at launch...I use it as a way to pick up another new game, or one I've been wanting at a much better price.  Usually it is 2 of the same game, one for myself, and one for my nephew...

I debated which "second" game to toss into the mix, but knew Luigi's Mansion was coming home...Luckily they still had a few copies.  Other stores around town were OUT.

Anyway, somewhere along the way I got a StreetPass Tag from X-Man.  I was very excited, especially when I saw his Puzzle Collection!

Thanks for the PilotWings Resort Piece!

After making my way through Find Mii II's Secret Quest, I was alerted to go to the Plaza Gate because there was a new arrival.  I figured somehow I just had a StreetPass from my Nephew has happened a few times before where they will "stack" in really close intervals, although the norm is a few hours between tags.

I was absolutely shocked with what I saw...

Miyamoto in a Luigi Hat!!

No freakin' joke it is special...I'd consider this amongst the holy grail of StreetPass/SpotPass Interaction!

Yes I knew who you were, but thank you for the formal introduction:

Hence why SpotPass should always be on...would have been cool to really StreetPass the legend:

Indeed, nice to meet you as well Mr. Miyamoto!

A perfect introduction for the Year of Luigi:

My default greeting:

Drumroll Please...

Kind of expected that one...

So, I have to say...

Thank You Nintendo!!

It was just a few days ago when I complained how hard it was to complete PuzzleSwap Panels when you live in a largely rural area...While I always hear of people getting 20+ Tags a day, my grand total plaza population is 28...And that includes several Special Miis from Nintendo.  It was funny that earlier in the day the tag from X-Man made me wonder how he had so many special pieces...I'd say maybe 5 of the "out-of-town" tags I've ever had actually had special panel pieces.

This is really cool because not only did Miyamoto have EVERY PUZZLE PIECE OUT, he is now forever part of my Street Pass Plaza.  I can turn to him and my Nephew should the Secret Quest require "Green Magic."  

Miyamoto is behind some of the greatest games of all time, and many of my personal favorite series and games.  This is about as cool as it gets for all of us in "Middle America" that don't get the big conventions, gaming tours, or the like...Honestly, a big deal for me is getting any StreetPass tag...they are that rare.  Some of you in metropolitan areas, or who have large population bases may take this stuff foregranted, but for folks like myself, this is very much appreciated! 

While I would have loved to take a piece from one of the panels I don't have, I felt it was only right to take one from Dark Moon.

So thank you Mr. Miyamoto and Nintendo for helping to make the day extra special!

I am not off to unbox Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, register it on Club Nintendo, and of course...enjoy the game!!

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