Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blog Poll #46: Newlander Upgrade Paths

Blog Poll #46 asks, "Which Upgrade Paths Do You Prefer for the Newlanders?"

The polls are on the Right Hand side of the blog, just below the Twitter feed.

Here is a video highlighting the polls:

And here are your choices:

Jet-Vac: Bird Blaster or Vac-packeteer

Flashwing: Super Shards or Super Spinner

Hot Dog: Burning BowWow or Pyro Pooch

Shroomboom: Barrier Boost or Paramushroom Promotion

Pop Fizz: Best of the Beast or Mad Scientist

Sprocket: Operator or Gearhead

Fright Rider: Sir Lance A Lot or Joust Jockey

Chill: Ice Lancer or Frozen Fury

Thanks to everyone that votes.  Just pick the path that you like best.  I will likely record the upgrades soon and hope to have the videos up BEFORE the poll closes.  This will help those of you who have yet to upgrade, or who are debating a switch have solid ground to make your decision.  I'm looking forward to FINALLY upgrading the Newlanders and seeing what they are about!

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