Thursday, August 28, 2014

Skylanders Fruit Snacks

What:  Skylanders Fruit Snacks by Betty Crocker
Where Did You Find Them?  Local Grocery Store
What Did They Cost?  $1.80 per box
What Was Stock Like?  The store had about 6 boxes, but it was my first "local" sighting

I had mentioned these awhile back and here recently was finally able to locate some locally!

Betty Crocker is capitalizing on the popularity of the Skylanders franchise with some tasty fruit snacks!  But, where would we be if they were all in the same box like 99% of all other consumables?  This is Skylanders after all...surely there is something to collect, right?!

Well there is, for better or worse...

Betty Crocker has launched THREE special boxes to encourage you to expand your collection, or just stock up on fruit snacks.  The crazy thing is, people are buying and scalping these just like they do the newest Skylanders!  When I made this video a few nights ago boxes were going online for $15+ each!  When I made the first video (more on that later), boxes were listed on Amazon at $40+ EACH.  That is nuts and as always I have to tell you DO NOT BUY $40 FRUIT SNACKS!  Just be patient and check your local stores, speak to managers, or contact Betty Crocker.  They are cool, they taste good, but they have a street value of about $2.

The available boxes are as follows:
-Gill Grunt
-Stealth Elf

The featured characters (ie the gummies) are as follows:
-Chompy (Red..bonus points for chompies!)
-Eruptor (Orange)
-Gill Grunt (Blue)
-Jet-Vac (Yellow)
-Kaos (Purple/Grape, but it is a very "dark" purple to his credit)
-Stealth Elf (Green)

The individual packages feature patterned artwork that seems to only consist of Gill Grunt, Eruptor, and Kaos.

The gummies themselves are pretty detailed, although some have melted/smeared with the process or transportation etc.  Regardless, they will all taste the same.

Stealth Elf featured Box with Back (shown above)

Back of the Box, Sample of Individual Packs, Top of Box with Gummie Shapes

I made the first video right after finding them with my Nephew.  Sadly, things went horribly wrong when I did a taste test.  Long story short, these gummies were not what I was expecting and certainly not of the texture/chewing nature of the Mario gummies I regularly get from Kellogg's.

However, after having a few packs they really grew on me...In fact, it is safe to say I am a fan and will continue to buy them regularly (provided I can find them at local stores).  I don't think I will keep the boxes, but I can make good use of the Box Tops for Education!

If you haven't seen the Skylanders Fruit Snacks keep looking!  Your local store should land them soon...At under $2 a box you have to at least give them a chance.  So go ahead Portal Masters, grab some fruit snacks, fire up your favorite Skylanders game, and take a bite out of evil..who knew Kaos would taste so good?!

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