Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Skylanders Minis Revealed: Full Roster and Gameplay

Flashback to E3 and I was able to ask directly what the deal was with MiniJini being on the Trap Team logo.  The official response was well rehearsed and something along the lines of, "She just fit the space," or "We like to show off all of our past offerings."  It was very clear that there was much more significance to her presence than the brass was able or willing to let on at the time, and we now know why...

Skylander Minis have officially been unveiled!

Skylanders Minis Character Roster

"Sixteen of the smallest but surprisingly powerful Skylanders are now joining the fight against Skylands’ most nefarious villains.  Diminutive in stature but mighty in battle, Skylanders Minis will deliver a full Skylanders wallop as completely playable characters with upgrades and abilities, just like any other Skylanders, including the ability to trap villains."

If you are thinking, "Wait, you mean Sidekicks, right?" you would be partially right.  These are the same size and shape as your tried-and-true Sidekicks, but they are Minis!  If it helps, think of them as "Mini Skylanders."  If you are trying to process it, think of the Sidekick, but factor in a lot of training.  What sets the "Minis" apart is their ability to use attacks just like their full-sized counterparts!

Here is a quick snyopsis:

"The Skylander Mini’s started off as regular "Sidekicks," assisting the Skylanders on many exciting adventures. And what they lacked in size they more than made up for in courage. Ultimately determined to become full-fledged heroes, they trained at the Skylands Academy - honing their powers and skills until they were ready. Now, they stand side by side with their full grown counterparts, ready to defend Skylands against Kaos and his evil minions."

Pretty cool, huh?  So for all of us that speculated they must be significant enough to have a role in the game, we were correct.  In the gameplay clip below you can see just how they mirror their full size friends:

Skylanders Minis Gameplay
Mini Jini, Spry, Drobit, Trigger Snappy, and Hijinx

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