Friday, August 15, 2014

Skylanders Trap Team Character Poster

Hey Everyone!

I am on the road right now and typing from my phone, but this is BIG!!

Skylanders has released a high resolution photo of the complete character roster for Skylanders Trap Team!!  We are getting out first look at some of the new characters and villains and still have a few things unknown.

Check it out and let me know who you are impressed with!


  1. Here's what I'm looking forward to in Trap Team:
    Trap Team Members: Snap Shot, Wild Fire, and of course, Gear Shift
    Newlanders: Echo, Trail Blazer, and Blades
    Minis (They the same as the Sidekicks?): Spry, Breeze, Pet Vac, Drobit, and Bop.

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    1. Minis are sidekicks, but can be played AS and are fully upgradable

  2. The Magic lineup has me intrigued, Enigma really caught my eye: Is she/he mostly empty space?!? Very cool! I am quite pleased with the TT character roster…varied and creative.

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