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Dr. Krankcase's Lair Skylanders FunPlay HideAway from PowerA

What: Skylanders Trap Team FunPlay HideAway Dr. Krankcase's Lair from PowerA
Where Can I Get It: Toys'R'Us, Target, and select Walmarts
What Will It Cost: $99.99 plus tax
Would You Recommend It?  Absolutely!

Unboxing and Review of Dr. Krankcase's Lair

I was warned a day in advance to expect a "surprise" package that was simply worded to build excitement through concise vagueness.  That probably sounds complicated, but it did get me excited, and the PowerA FunPlay HideAway did not disappoint!

I'll be honest, I was thinking it would be the Trap Storage Case I spotted and made a spotlight video on last week...Made sense to showcase the Trap Storage Case to highlight all the villains and give everyone a feel for what they can be utilizing to archive their favorite villains as we all progress through Trap Team.

Top and Front of Box

Dr. Krankcase's Lair showed up and it was indeed quite the surprise!  I will probably be the only person to mention this, and one of the few who cares and values this sort of a assessment, but the box is amazing.  I know, I want to see the playset, know about the features, and have all the details.  I will get to that...after the box.

Side of Box: Cannon, Kaos, SeeSaw Catapult

Side of Box: Crane, Trap Door, and Chompy Surprise

The old adage goes, "Don't judge a book by its cover."  While I agree with that and the basic summation applies from everything ranging from album art to people, the cover does make the first impression.  Where it beings to really merit something is in products you want to buy.  Put Dr. Krankcase's Lair in a generic green box with a printed label and you have to sell on the inside without much pop, or visualization pre-crafted for the end consumer.  Put it in a box that is more like a work of art and it makes a lasting impression on the buyer and entices you to pull the trigger.  I always like to think "the box" and packaging in and of itself gives an idea of the quality of the product.  This one is over the top...

The box is a base blue with carefully placed Elemental Logos.  The top (lid) is very glossy and the playset seems to pop right off the cardboard.  To enhance this deep gloss effect you have metallic silver encircling the "15 Awesome Play Features" and emblazoning "Dr. Krankcase's Lair."  The background creates a general sense of the "Darkness" typically associated with Kaos and the glow from the playset is easy to pick up on without reading "Glows in the Dark!"  The back side uses similar metallics to showcase unique features and highlights the backside of the playset.  Bottom line, I don't think I can' throw the box away.

Back of Box

Now, on to the playset...

While last year's Flynn's Ship and Skylands were geared towards Display, Storage, and Play, I feel like this one is set up more for Play and Display.  There are so many features that beg you to explore the Lair and stage rescues (I was guilty of that in my pictures, haha) it will take a strong bit of self control to not do so.  While the Skylands and Flynn's Ship offered up lots of play options, I feel like this is the cream of the crop in terms of straight up "let's play with our Skylanders" action.

I also have to say that this one takes the cake solely for display.  You can't fit 15 Skylanders on the roof, but you don't need to.  If you have this in your game room, coffee table, entertainment center, etc.,it is going to be the center of attention...I guarantee it!

Dr. Krankcase's Lair, Front View
Oh No!  Sprocket has been Trapped!

The playset is just shy of 2 Feet Tall so we have a significant elevational dimension to captivate someone's attention.  The pedestals on the roof allow you to display 2 of your favorite Skylanders and the sidewalk around can fit a couple more.  The backside allows you to stage several more, but be weary of the trap door and cell!

Knockout Terrafin, Hot Dog, Sunburn and Ghost Roaster 
Storm in to Save Shroomboom

The front pillars, side lamps, and large headpiece all glow-in-the-dark!  My camera can't really pick it up, but trust me, it is a visually impressive sight to behold!  Kill the lights in your living room or game room, and make Dr. Krankcase's Lair your Skylanders centerpiece.  It is that awesome!

The details inside the Lair are impressive and hilarious.  My personal favorite is the villain group picture...can you find it?  There are a lot of little extras and clever details to appreciate it throughout the playset.

The clock, which also glows-in-the-dark, triggers the "Chompy Surprise" on the roof.  At the pinnacle of  Dr. Krankcase's Lair is none other than Skylands most brilliantly evil, doubly diabolical, mythically magical, terrifyingly tyrannical Kaos!  He is scaled to be the SAME SIZE as your core Skylanders (imagine the photo-ops)!  Plus, in this instance, he is at the helm of a crane, holding a steel cage, that can dangle trapped characters to lure in the Skylanders.

Luckily, the roof has a SeeSaw Catapult and Cannon to help take out Kaos (or is it to help Kaos and the Doom Raiders take out the Skylanders?!).

Reinforcements Arrive with Mystic Hex, Dino-Rang, 
and Granite Crusher

All-in-all Dr. Krankcase's Lair is one destination you need to acquire!  I will be utilizing the Lair as mentioned earlier, a Skylanders Centerpiece.  Granted, in my case, that means prominent display on the pool table and serving as the back drop for all the upcoming unboxing videos, but rest assured, coffee table, kitchen table, or game room floor, Krankcase's Lair will serve you and your family of Portal Masters as a nice hub for all things Skylanders.

Success!  Boomer Sneaks in to Defeat Kaos and 
Save Sprocket!

You can pick up Dr. Krankcase's Lair at Target, Toys'R'Us, and select Walmarts this October.  If you can resist gifting one, or opening it immediately it would be a great Halloween surprise, or Christmas gift for any Skylander aficionado.

A big thanks to PowerA and Activison for sending this out and allowing me to showcase it pre-release to all of you.  It will make an awesome backdrop for all of the unboxing videos!  We will likely never know who exactly pitched the idea, who designed and executed it, but kudos to whoever you are!  And on a more personal note, the folks behind the box truly did amazing work.

What do you think of Dr. Krankcase's Lair?  Is it a Day One Purchase, or gift?  Where do you rank it against last year's offerings of Flynn's Ship and the Skylands set?

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