Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Skylanders Trap Team Pre-Season Hunting at Target: Outlaw Brawl & Chain, Nitro Krypt King, & More

My usual run down the Skylander aisle in search of variants was a bit disappointing tonight...

I was met with mostly bare shelves and while I was thinking, "There goes another chance" it dawned on me the shelves were likely cleared to stock Trap Team figures here shortly and switch the display out...That assumption was correct!

While most of the info was known, here is what I gathered:

-Target will have standard pricing, none of that +$1.00 stuff
--Core Skylanders: $9.99
--Triple Pack & Adventure Pack: $24.99
--Trap Master; $14.99
--Trap Single Pack: $5.99
--Trap Triple Pack: $14.99
--Mini Double Pack: $13.99

However, there were three cool things I noticed!

My store had DEDICATED PEGS and TAGS for Gearshift, Nitro Krypt King, AND Outlaw Brawl & Chain.

There were two pegs for each and they all had specific tags, and presumably barcodes/SKUs which means employees will have an easier time checking stock for you...and you checking stock online.

It looks like Gearshift should at least be available initially in some quantity...I have been told it is limited and to pre-order.  If you are a gambler, you can probably snag her at launch.

Nitro Krypt King was expected, but several were concerned he was "online only."  I don't know where that rumor came from, but as I've been telling people, that is not the case and this confirms it.  I was also glad to see 2 Pegs for him.  Granite Crusher, Jade Flashwing, and the "Nitros" have been the hardest for me to find and I usually only see them on launch day locally.

The biggest surprise was seeing the stand alone tag for Outlaw Brawl & Chain, who is the Target pre-order bonus villain.  I was a bit disappointed that he wasn't included if you pre-order the Dark Edition, and it now looks like those who go elsewhere for pre-orders or Starter Pack purchases can still snag him, just at a price of $5.99, which is standard for single traps.

You can find all the pictures in the video...I'll try to add them to this post when time allows.

Have you found anything cool at your local stores?  Feel free to share your findings!

Happy Hunting!

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  1. Thanks Wiisdom. That was the most simple, direct, concrete and just plain helpful info I have received about the TRAP TEAM release to date, beyond the basics. And about Target to boot! They are the only releases that worry me about availability...I leaned my lesson with Granite Crusher!
    The promotional stuff has seemed pretty thin this time around....makes me wonder if there will be any significant release day deals or surprise items "in-store" on release day...?
    Drawing on your full experience through all the previous releases (I missed the SSA release), what or where or when should I be looking first?

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